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June Guest Blogs

  1. June 21st: World Music Day: Time to Shout About the Benefits

July Guest Blogs

  1. How to Record Vocals Like a Pro (2022)

August Guest Blogs

  1. Liberal Arts Music Education Resonates For Today’s Students (2013)
  2. Raps & Rhymes: Laying A Foreign Language Foundation (2013)
  3. Why Music? It Helps with Math, Reading, & Happiness (2014)

September Guest Blogs

  1. 10 Ways to Learn Guitar Online (2021)
  2. What Instrument Should I Learn to Play? (2014)

October Guest Blogs 

  1. The Basics of Setting Up an Acoustic Guitar (2019)

November Guest Blogs

  1. Discovering Violin’s Excellent Features and Characteristics (2023)
  2. Choose Their Tunes Wisely: The Right Music Can Aid Your Students Scores (2016)

December Guest Blog

  1. Chicken Fat Kids Youth Fitness Sing-a-Long Book (2020)

January Guest Blogs 

  1. Unlock Your Musical Potential Today – Welcome to Music Academy of Texas! (2023)
  2. Private Flute Lessons: Helping Your Flute Students Stand Out (2014)
  3. Hip Hop Math Music? (2013)

February Guest Blogs

  1. Why You Should Learn The Drums During Lockdown? (2021)
  2. Collectors’ Holy Grail: The Ultimate List of the Most Valuable Vinyl Records (2024)

April Guest Blogs 

  1. Beginner’s Guide: Things to Expect from Your Guitar Lessons (2021)
  2. Understanding Piano Notes For Beginners in 25 Minutes (2021)

May Guest Blogs

  1. The Role of Music in Today’s Societies (2019)
  2. Beginner’s Guide: Things to Expect from Your Guitar Lessons (2021)
  3. Ways in Which Review Sites Come in Handy for Those Learning to Play the Guitar (2018)
  4. The Differences Between Songwriting in NYC & Nashville (2014)