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There has never been such an opportune moment to learn a musical instrument. 

While the pandemic has sapped much of the joy from the world, you can always create your own. Many people have followed this nugget of wisdom, with CBS Chicago reporting that interest and sales around musical instruments has reached record highs recently. Bored, isolated, and desiring some agency, Americans are rolling up their sleeves and learning new skills. 

The drums are as good an instrument as many. But what makes them so great to learn during this testing period the world is engulfed in?

Below you will find an explanation as to why learning the drums could be your perfect lockdown goal. 

There Is Plenty of Support

No learning adventure should be a solo experience. 

To excel in the drums, you need to utilize the wisdom and guidance of those who came before. Only then can you hope to become proficient in, and eventually master, the drum rudiments at hands. Tackle the basics head on, and you will be away in no time at all. 

To get started, browse the 5 Most Essential Drum Rudiments from They ensure you kick off your efforts at a good rhythm, with lessons from acclaimed music producer Jaleesa Gemerts (Lady Groove), who among other impressive feats has performed with the likes of George Ezra. Click the link, and drink in her coverage of 5 essential drum rudiments for beginners. There is no better way to introduce yourself to the world of drumming! 

Drums are hardly an obscure or niche area. There is a whole school of thought behind them, which means you are in good hands if you want to take them up. The internet provides instant access to learning materials that have been carefully curated by titans of the drumming craft, so make good use of them and collate your research. 

You May Have Future Opportunities 

Every band needs a drummer, and if you drum, then why not you?

Recruitment for bands will likely be on hold for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic. However, the lockdowns need to be lifted at some point, and there will be a day where coronavirus will be a      thing of the past. By that time, you may have a few new skills under your belt that you can carry forward into the new dawn. 

It may not mean necessarily joining the latest and greatest band, either. After all, it can take years to be spectacular with a drum set. However, playing local community events, or creating a casual band with friends or family for fun – there is much      you can do with the drums. There is room for           potential      here, so it does not have to be a case of ‘all or nothing.’

Additionally, new hobbies can mean new friends. Learning the drums is a great opportunity to meet      like minded individuals, who too have a passion for the instrument or musicality in general. Whether it is in safe online forums, social media pages, or eventually in person, there is always somebody who wants to talk about this instrument in some shape or form! 

You Will Expand Your Mind 

Learning anything is invaluable, whether it is playing the drums or solving complex mathematical equations. 

The process of picking up new skills can be mentally stimulating on its own merit, as well as emotionally engaging. You will feed pride with each milestone you reach, and a sense of achievement after each practice session. That alone is invaluable! 

Learning the drums will also give you a routine in a time where everything is uncertain. After all, everyone needs a daily rhythm to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and practicing the drums might just keep you from staring at the same four walls or flicking through your cell phone for hours on end. Even if you don’t intend to become professional, just having a fun little hobby on the side of your activities can give your days a bit of structure and variety. 

It Will Help You to Vent

Drums tend to be a rather raw form of music, requiring finesse but also allowing for more… well, chaos! 

Firing your arms about in a flurry and bashing things is certainly a good outlet to relieve some of that stress from your shoulders. However, even slower tempos can bring your mood down to a calming level, keeping you in tune with something a little more peaceful that bubbles along nicely. Whatever the mood you are feeling or hoping to express, your drum kit undoubtedly has an answer. 

Other instruments like the ukulele, whilst charming, do not exactly have a great deal of range either. You can’t serve up a slice of supercharged rebellion strumming one of those, but the drums will give you that freedom to explore any musical direction you wish. 

It is also worth considering the benefits of music in broader terms too. After all, CNN reported its uses in late 2017, with scientists tuning into the brain to uncover music’s healing power, of which is universal and irrefutable without all the data anyway! Still, it has helped people in hospitals and other sticky spots since its conception, and drums have always played a big part in their various forms throughout the years.