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Writing Advice for College Students

Students, parents, and tutors should be looking carefully at what music they listen to, and in the case of the latter two, what music they suggest for former listen to. It turns out, having a dominant music taste can, according to a scouring of academics studies and papers, predict your SAT scores. These results could be applied to any kind of education. In some cases the music made scores lower on average, while others made them far higher.
The boffins at Ledgernote spend a few months collating data from official journals, studies, and collegiate reports to compare music tastes to final SAT scores across America. In short, the average score is 1070, but if you are a Lil Wayne fan, then your average score is around 900, which is not so good. On the other hand, being a Beethoven fan gets your average score to somewhere between 1350 and 1400.
It is possible to read the complete results in this study into the correlation between music tastes and SAT scores on the Ledgernote website. In short though, the study looked at average values for particular artists with Beyonce being the second worst of those studies after Lil Wayne, and also into whole genres. With genres, the study looked at the average spread of results where you can see most touched average either smack bang in the middle or with more under or more over. The one genre to be 100% outside of the average was punk, sadly for punk fans it was wholly under. This might, finally be the information you need to convert your student to classical music.