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By Shannon Palmer
The bell rings and it’s time for math class…all the students tremble.  The frustration and fear associated with math has long been a problem for educators. Motivating students to enjoy and explore mathematical concepts has grown increasingly more difficult throughout the years especially in a culture that is so testing focused.
DapJ Music, an educational music company, is looking to change that.  This company creates exciting and relevant music that appeals to students, teachers and parents, alike. These urban rhythms have been developed by certified and experienced educators to both instruct and reinforce mathematical concepts. Education is changing in America.  Teachers are moving further away from traditional practices and integrating more and more technology.  Music is a huge part of this movement and DapJ Music is right at the center.
DapJ Music was started by Mr. Dwain Palmer, a middle school math teacher, in the fall of 2011. He found that teaching a difficult subject like Math was much easier for students to learn and retain when taught to music. Using music to teach educational concepts has long been seen as a superior teaching tool to lecture and is strongly backed by scientific research data. Mr. Palmer began writing and recording mathematical content songs that were fresh and relevant and the kids went wild. Grades and motivation improved immediately. No more stand-in-front-of-the-class lectures, DapJ Music wants to revolutionize how math is taught through fun, relevant music.
With a combination feel of Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae, DapJ Music targets middle and high school students within a diversity of cultures. Math is cool again, and students have never been so motivated.  Sparking excitement in young people is like striking gold.
Critics have said Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae can be intimidating to educators who are not familiar with the genre and may associate it with negative stereotypes. However, this is what the youth of this generation are listening to! The relationship between teenagers and their music dates back centuries. DapJ Music is turning the tables and presenting youth with the music they love; music that is content rich and allows them to easily learn and retain content.  Students, including those with disabilities, are feeling new and exciting levels of success in Mathematics.
You can listen to DapJ Music Math Music on their website at, download free lesson plans, like them on Facbook/DapJMusic and follow them on Twitter @DapJMusic