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The “Chicken Fat Kids Youth Fitness Sing-a-Long Book” is a unique interactive fitness book that incorporates lots of fun for the whole family. In the sixties and seventies, Chicken Fat was routine in elementary and middle school physical fitness programs; many people in their adult years would recognize the beginning cords right away and think “Go you Chicken Fat Go!” I am very excited to have the opportunity to tell you about the Chicken Fat Kids Fitness Sing-a-Long Book.

“Chicken Fat” is now a children’s exercise book, inspired by the popular song created in the 1960’s and based off of President John F. Kennedy’s youth fitness initiative program in schools during that time period. I have included the late President’s remarks in the beginning of the book for educational purposes.  The book is a modern take on my original exercise video created in the mid 1990’s, designed to target the fitness needs of children aged 2-10. The fitness book encourages kids to: build self-confidence, develop a love for health, perform ten different exercises, learn to read, count, and more!

 Inspired by my young daughter mimicking the kids she saw dancing and singing on TV, the idea of creating a children’s fitness video came to mind after going to a local video store, yes, this was during the time Blockbuster was in full swing, and noticing how there were not many children’s exercise video options to choose from. The need for children’s educational and fitness products are a definite necessity in today’s environment; it seems like many schools are looking for ways to engage their student’s in other ways than using an iPad and other electronic engagements.

Parents are eager to foster new, interactive activities that promote a healthy and active lifestyle, especially during a time when kids are glued to a TV and have resided to virtual learning. This is the driving force behind the “Chicken Fat Kids Youth Fitness Sing-A-Long Book.” Originally created as a children’s fitness video in the mid 1990’s, I have revamped the character and song for today’s generation; the book was self-published by Amazon in November 2018.

As mentioned above, I had re-popularized the Chicken Fat exercises by making the Chicken Fat Fitness Video, which had been mentioned in periodicals such as: Woman’s Day, LA Times, Boston Globe, NY Post, Bloomberg News, etc., and has won multiple awards including the Parent’s Choice Honor Award, Kidsfirst – Coalition of Quality Children’s Media, and Dove’s Family Seal of Approval. When I have book reviewers and social media influencers review my book, I send through a  press kit highlighting all acknowledgements from kid focused groups and letters received from teachers, parents, and kids praising the video as well as a copy of the new book.  During the years of the video’s popularity, I had the opportunity to appear on CNN, NBC, Fox 5 New York, etc., to promote the Chicken Fat video and energize children to actually enjoy exercising. 

There is still a current interest generated by the song.  The song was featured on the Amazon Prime series, Marvelous Ms. Maisel, season 2 episode 4 (when Abe does his morning routine exercises in his famous romper costume) and also used in an Apple 5s commercial. I believe this interest was influenced from my video; now a whole new generation is learning to love the program.  To reach a broader spectrum of people and teach the youth of today about Chicken Fat, I also have a growing social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and have had success getting the product reviewed by physical education and parent geared influencers. Check it out for yourself: @chickenfatkids and

You can order a paperback copy or view the book via eBook (Kindle). Free for Kindle Unlimited users.  Check it out! Go you Chicken Fat Goooooooo!