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The Last Lecture is a great book. It also is an incredible speech (Click for Viewing Guide) (The speech also can be watched.) It teaches so many life lessons. I have been using this book for the last few years in a senior elective course. My students read independently in class for 20 – 30 minutes. I find this method to be most effective for my classes, you may choose to use the book as an outside reading.

For the silent sustained reading, the students fill out a journal entry at the end of the reading session.

Click on the link for a more detailed look into each chapter.

Last Lecture: Dedication: Analyze the dedication and discuss the importance of dreams.

Introduction (IX – X)

I. The Last Lecture

  1. The Injured Lion Roars (pages 3 – 10) (Lion Jokes)

2. My Life in a Laptop (pages 11 – 14) (Computer Jokes)

3. The Elephant in the Room (pages 15 – 18) (Elephant Jokes)

II. Really Achieving your Childhood Dreams

4. The Parent Lottery (pages 21 – 26)

5. The Elevator In the Ranch House (pages 27 – 30)

6. Going to Zero G (pages 31 – 34)

7. I Never Made it to the NFL (pages 35 – 39)

8. You’ll Find Me Under “V” (pages 40 – 42)

9. A Skill Set Called Leadership (pages 43 – 46)

10. Winning Big (pages 47 – 50)

11. The Happiest Place on Earth (pages 51 – 54)

III. Adventures… and Lessons Learned

The Last Lecture: Family Stories Lesson