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The Last Lecture is a great speech to share with high school students. It also can be used as an enrichment activity at the start or end of the year. It provides several opportunities for students to reflect, set goals and make a plan.

The book is also a great resource for a psychology class. Here is a full text of the speech. It is useful to help create writing prompts, assignments and viewing worksheets.

If you are not familiar with The Last Lecture:

  1. Watch it: Watch the entire speech with the introduction, uninterrupted. It is so impressive, I am sure you will see value in his words. It is inspirational, educational, and funny for people of all educators. 
  2. Process it: Take some time to see if this speech would fit anywhere in your curriculum. The entire speech may be too much for students, however there may be some excerpts that fit perfectly with your class. It also could be an enrichment activity.
  3. Watch the video with a printed copy of the speech. Highlight the points you would like to stress to the students. Comment on the sections and create activities for the different pints or sections. 

Viewing Links

  • YouTube (1:44:08) This link includes introductions by Introduction by Indira Nair, Carnegie Mellon’s Vice Provost for Education and Steve Seabolt, Vice President of Worldwide Publishing and Marketing for Electonic Arts
  • CMU (1:16:21)
  • Ted Talks (1:16:26)

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