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Chapter 2 The Last Lecture: The Injured Lion Roars (Chapter Summary)

Quotes, Class Discussion, & Writing Prompts: The following quotes caught my eye and could be the starting point for lessons, class discussions, or writing prompts.

“What wisdom would we impart to the world if we knew it was our last chance? If we had to vanish tomorrow, what would we want as our legacy?” (page 3)

“I was energized by the idea o giving a last lecture that really was a last lecture.” (page 4)

Family Portrait (page 5)

Dilemma: To give the speech or spend time with family.

“This is my last birthday we’ll celebrate together. You’re actually going to leave me on my birthday.” Jai Randy’s wife (page 6)

“This lecture will be the last time many people I care about will see me in the flesh. I have a chance to really think about what matters most to me, to cement how people will remember me, and to do whatever good I can on the way out… an injured lion still wants to roar. It’s about dignity and self-esteem, which isn’t quite the same as vanity… When the kids are older, you can show it to them. It’ll help them understand who I was and what I cared about.” (page 7 & 8)

“One thing I learned is that when parents tell children things, it doesn’t hurt to get external validation.” (page 9)

“What makes me unique? (page 9)

Lesson Ideas

  1. “What makes me unique?” (page 9)