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Chapter 2 The Last Lecture: My Life on a Laptop (Chapter Summary)

Quotes, Class Discussion, & Writing Prompts: The following quotes caught my eye and could be the starting point for lessons, class discussions, or writing prompts.

“How exactly do you catalogue your childhood dreams?  How do you get other people to reconnect with theirs? As a scientist, these weren’t the questions I typically struggled with.” (page 11) 

“Still, my departure was an unpleasant reminder for Jai that she’d now be without me for this birthday and all the birthdays to come.” (page 12)

“It was an accident (the pregnancy). 

As she walked away, I couldn’t help but be struck by her frankness. Her casual remark was a reminder about the accidental elements that play into both our arrival into life… and our departure into death. Here was a woman, having a child by accident that she surely would come to love. As for me, through the accident of cancer I will be leaving 3 children to grow up without my love.” (page 13) 

“In less than an hour, I’d have to be on the stage.” (page 14)