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  1. Lobster Pun: During the lobster wedding, the lobster groom referred to his new spouse as his “butter half.” (Butter Jokes & Wedding Jokes)
  2. I got really sick after drinking milk with cream… My stomach was churning for a while… but now I’m finally feeling butter. (Milk Jokes & Butter Jokes)
  3. Croissant Pun: My life’s goal?… To be as rich as a butter croissant.
  4. What did the croissant say to its chef?… Butter me up.
  5. Why did the lobsterman bring crayons to the Lobsterfest?… So he could draw butter. (Crayon Jokes & Crayon Jokes)
  6. Croissant Pun: Butter believe I love croissants.
  7. You know how to butter me up, said the croissant to the knife.
  8. How does a croissant apologize?… It butters you up! (Butter Jokes)
  9. Who does a croissant bring to a party?… Its butter half!
  10. How does a croissant ask for a date?… It butters you up! (Butter Jokes)
  11. That butter had better not loaf around… We’ve got croissants to make!
  12. March 7th National Pancake Day Jokes: How do you make a pancake smile?… Butter him up.
  13. What kind of stroke can you use on toast?… BUTTER-fly! (Swimming Jokes)
  14. What did the croissant say when breaking up with his girlfriend?… You deserve butter.
  15. Croissant Pun: Life is butter with croissants.