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If you are junior or senior in high school, the chances are that you are thinking about college. It is never too early to start planning and getting ready for the application process. This includes your college admissions essay. The essay in your college application is a crucial part and can be what puts your application in the accepted pile. Many students tend to either overthink this essay or even think that it is a piece of cake and nothing to stress about. However, there are a few things to take into consideration, avoid, and make sure that you do when writing your essay. Here are some do’s and don’ts for writing a college admission essay.

Do Be Original – Don’t Write What You’ve Already Seen 

Many English teachers or college prep course instructors may provide you with a variety of examples of both good and bad college essays. Some of these ideas may seem like an excellent option for your very own admission essay. However, they are no longer original ideas, which may not be beneficial for you as an applicant. It is essential not to write what you have already seen in other essays and stick to original topics that you come up with yourself. It will not only make you stand out, but it will show your creativity and unique perspective. 

Do Answer the Question 

Some colleges and universities may have an essay that has a question they want you to answer. You must answer this question in your essay. Some students may try to be indirect when answering the question to show their cleverness, but this won’t always be an advantage. There is a reason these institutions ask questions, and it is usually because they want the answer. Using college prep consulting services can help you get in the habit of answering questions properly and still expressing yourself within the essays that you write.

Don’t Use Inappropriate or Flowery Language 

First off, it is crucial to stick to your style of writing; don’t try to adopt someone else’s style. However, you should most definitely stay away from inappropriate language and probably avoid using emoticons or slang words. Using language that is too “flowery” or similar to the SAT vocabulary that you recently tried to learn might not impress the admissions officer as much as you think. 

Don’t Write Something That You Will Mention Later in Your Application

There are typically a few different parts of your application. The institution may ask for additional essays, recommendations, and more. This means that you may end up repeating yourself without realizing it. Go over all of your documents and ensure that your essay doesn’t include repetitive information or something that you are mentioning in other parts of the application. 

Writing a college essay is a unique form of writing and not like the rest. There can be many things that set your essay over the top and many that can make it one that is just “blah.” Paying attention to the do’s and don’ts ahead of time can help you make your college application essay a winner.