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Olympiad Examinations are conducted by the SOF, which is a non-profit educational foundation established in 1996, based in New Delhi, India. The organization helps School Children in providing a higher level of education through their olympiads, books and sample papers. It promotes Mathematics, Science, Introductory Computer Education, English language skills and General knowledge among students. They help in identifying a child’s real potential and capability that may help them to endure better in today’s world. 6 such competitive exams are organized each year and are conducted at a large scale for students from class I to XII. SOF stands for Science Olympiad Foundation which has CBSE 12th Board & Related boards as one of its affiliations

These competitive exams are highly challenging as they improve competitive spirit and aptitude among students. Here are some outlooks:

  1. Cultivate Analytical Thinking

These exams improve the student’s reasoning and problem-solving ability by challenging them to think analytically and bring out the best in them. Students are motivated to aspire for a better and deeper understanding of scientific facts. The concepts and logic-based problem questions are trickier which requires them to have a wide thought process to solve.

2. A Big Platform is provided

Several foundations provide a big platform where students from class 1 to class 12 can get exposure at state, national and international levels. They also bring out the areas lacking proficiency so that they can be improved with proper orientation. 

3. Future Talent Pool

The objective of these exams is to provide a competitive platform to students by the various exams conducted on English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Computers and Science helping them to solve complicated problems in less time, thus creating a talent pool. 

4. Build Confidence

A Sense of Confidence is developed by the student holding rank in an Olympiad. Students are motivated to aim and yearn for better and come out to be the best. Students represent their state or country at the national or international level with these exams and this gives them a reward of satisfaction and pleasure.

5. Advancement in Class Results

The performance of the student in the school is also improved as their learning and thinking process is sharpened and this helps them in grasping the concepts taught at schools better. The students are also made ready for future competitive exams by being tested in the knowledge of a particular subject as well as aptitude.

Appearing for these competitive exams is beyond school and no additional reference books will be required for preparation as the exams are conducted on a similar syllabus taught at school. They only need to be clear with all concepts and basics. There is a different exam paper for each class. A student preparing for CBSE 12 board exams can also give Olympiad exams. Students can represent their state or country at the national or international level. Representing in these exams gives them a reward of satisfaction and pleasure. A performance report is generated by SOF for all participating schools. Teachers and Principals are also awarded if their pupils excelled in the exam.