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 Law is a broad field offering diversity in career options. As a prospective attorney, assessing various career goals before applying can help you in making a better decision on the school, you aspire to join. That way, you can practice for your LSAT with the best LSAT prep course online with a clear mind of your most suitable area and the best law school for that field.  Below are some career fields you can venture with a law degree.

1.      Intellectual Property Lawyer

It refers to a lawyer who helps protect their clients from the theft of artwork, inventions, or ideas. As an intellectual property lawyer, you will help clients to secure the patent of their inventions. You will also assist them in preventing people from copying and distributing their technology without your client’s consent. For you to become a licensed intellectual property lawyer, you have to pass a test. These tests will gauge your knowledge in property law. 

2.      Judge Advocates (Military advocates)

Do you have a passion for serving the country, but you also want to pursue law? Well, the good news is that you can achieve both by becoming a military advocate. Every branch of the armed forces has judge advocates whose tasks are advising the military on legal issues, administers oath to members in the martial court, and act as a prosecutor during trials in the military among other duties.

3.      Compliance Attorney

They are specialists who work to ensure firms and their workers follow the legal and regulatory requirements applying to their industry to the latter. As a compliance attorney of a company, you will have the mandate to ensure the implementation of the company’s policies. The policies may revolve around ethos, ethics, personal conduct, and measures taken to reduce loss. Your role mainly calls for recognizing and fixing business problems before they even emerge.

4.      Political Lawyer

Through law school you get to know how to construct arguments, think critically and challenge policies. These skills are also needed in politics. So you can opt to become a political lawyer. Your task is to guide political organizations on the best way of complying with laws regarding their political processes such as laws on campaign finance. 

5.      Immigration Attorney

Your work as an immigration lawyer is to help the immigrants to navigate through the various regulations of the immigration process comfortably. Also, you will provide legal advice to the employers affected by immigration laws. Alternatively, you may liaise with the government to give interpretations and guidance on enforcement of immigration laws.

6.      Elderly Law Attorney

You will work with clients who are either old or disabled and their families. Amendment and implementation of new regulations can be hard for the aging baby boomer generation to catch up quickly. Thus, most of them look for attorneys to guide them on various issues such as estate planning, medical directives

7.      Environmental Attorney

To qualify as an environmental attorney, you need to be an expert at interpreting the laws relating to the environment. You main focus will be on law that protects the environment. You can work for environment-related agencies, nonprofit organizations, or companies impacted by environmental regulations.


There are so many careers that you can land with your law degree. The above list gives you a peek of a few of the opportunities. However, succeeding in a law career field starts with a high score in your LSAT.