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It’s the responsibility of an employer to ensure the safety and welfare of all his employees. The Health and Safety Work Act (HSWA) of 1974, section 2 (1) stipulates this vital piece of workplace safety information.

To ensure the implementation of health and safety measures, every employer should have the mandatory Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training. Here are the things you need to know about the OSHA Online Safety Training.

Who should be OSHA Trained and Certified?

Everyone in the workplace has a vital role in health and safety. So everyone is required to undergo the training. It is compulsory for people at all levels of the organization to join such efforts to contribute to the whole system.

Management should fully support the OSHA Online Safety Training for it to succeed. Senior staff should be the primary movers and are never exempted from OSHA drills and training. Also, those with fixed-term contracts and trainees should also be included.

Training typically takes place in different stages of employment. It can be done when a new employee is inducted and those transferred between departments. OSHA Online Safety Training is also intended for job-specific roles, especially beginners. There’s also a need for OSHA training when new processes and equipment are introduced to the company.

Specific Roles of the Management and Operational Teams

The management team is responsible for workplace risk assessments. Every team needs to review, revise, devise, and implement the safe and legal systems of the organization. Though a contact person also needs to set the health and safety policy of the company. 

The management team also needs to ensure that the work equipment is of an excellent standard. Among other things, it is also crucial for the central safety figure to get employees involved in health and safety issues. 

One of the most critical factors needed for setting up emergency procedures is to create a mandatory catch basin for everyone to comply with. This includes fire drills, earthquake drills, and various other emergency preparatory activities. 

The technical and operational team needs to provide relevant and vital data on risks related to their health and safety while in the workplace. Comprehensive information must always include possible hazards in the workplace. 

Operational teams must relay mechanical, physical, mental, and chemical hazards that pose a threat to individuals. The disclosure must also include the effects of exposure to those hazards, including factors that contribute to the risks. 

It is also a must that the information contains ways on how to avoid and minimize risks. The operational and technical team should even know the importance of personal protective equipment, including the RPE if deemed appropriate. 

Also, the entire operational team should have emergency plans in cases of fire and earthquake evacuation. OSHA training aims to ensure no employee is in danger during work. Also, online practice is a complementary setup to commit all of the organizations in improving health and safety measures for their worker’s benefits.