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Mathematics is one of the challenging subjects for primary school kids, especially the grade one, two, and three kids who are trying to understand numbers, symbols, and other concepts used in mathematics.

Introducing the best mathematical learning resources will help kids understand all required concepts and excel thereafter. Fortunately, there are many types of mathematical resources for kids that both teachers and parents can use to help their kids.

Mathematics Online Worksheets

These are the easiest resources used by teachers and parents to help learn mathematics. They are downloadable sheets with questions, a workspace, and answer space. Whether you want to use a tablet, laptop, or print some of the worksheets for ease of use, these resources are very effective.

Cazoom Maths is a great website with such worksheets, but you can always check more on other websites. Online worksheets are effective in this digital era where kids can easily interact with the computer at an early age.

2D and 3D Shapes

2D and 3D symbols and shapes are important resources used to learn mathematics around the world. They are easy to use and mostly work for grade one, two, and three students. They help the kids to name various symbols.

For grades above three, these signs are linked to geometry and can be used to help them solve complex mathematical problems and puzzles, break down complex patterns and classifications, and do symmetry.

Dice, Spinners, and Cards

Higher grades are now ready to learn probability and other complex mathematical problems. Dice, spinners, and cards are excellent resources to introduce in a maths class or at home. They help students apply probability in real life and also accept the mysteries of life.

However, teachers and parents should monitor and guide kids when using these resources because they can be addictive or misused for gaming and gambling. Children should appreciate that they are learning materials and nothing more.


Physical money can help kids learn how to add, subtract, divide, and multiply on top of understanding the different types of coins, and notes in the country. Some teachers and tutors use dummy money approved by the government for learning purposes.

When using money as a mathematical resource to help students learn, it is essential to teach the kids the history of money, changes that have been made on various denominations, and the like. They also learn the application of money such as how to count when buying.

Compass, Set Squares, and Protractors

These are approved geometrical learning resources used in mathematics even by engineers, pilots, and ship captains. Therefore, they are essential learning materials in maths classes. Whether the students will be asked to bring their sets or use school sets, it is essential to have them.

However, they are only introduced where necessary according to the curriculum. So, teachers and parents should always provide them to higher grades students when needed.

Final Words

It is easy to make any mathematics class a lot of fun and help kids learn with any of the above maths resources. However, there are more resources, and as a teacher, you should look at them and introduce them where necessary.