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What begins as fun and enjoyment could well turn into a career choice later. This has happened with many computer buffs who subsequently the subject seriously and go for a course in computer science summer school to understand whether they can eke a career out of it. Summer schools are now commonplace, and it helps to sustain the interest in studying some chosen subject even during vacations and provide opportunities to explore how good it would be to take it up for advanced learning. 

Children are now wired to use keyboards and touchscreens, and acquiring computer skills now happens automatically as they grow up. There used to be a time when people looked for someone who was computer literate because it was expertise, and only a few people possessed the skills of using the device. But with rapid technological advancements that have impacted our lives deeply, computers are neither anything special anymore. Being computer literate is no more a qualification that matters because learning computers is inherent in children surrounded by mobile phones and computers who learn it in very natural ways as these are now part of everyday life.

Our over-reliance on computers is evident from the way the device in its various forms, from desktops to laptops and tablets to mobile phones, has become entwined with our lives. From the time we wake up until the time we go to bed, computers are our favourite companions because we depend on it to accomplish many tasks of daily living. Whether you want to order food or book a cab or plan a vacation, the computer is your trusted assistant to perform the tasks. Today, it is impossible to think about commerce and medical science without computers, which further proves the indispensability of the quintessential device that is growing in importance to aid better living. 

The dilemma

Against the above backdrop, a career in Computer Science seems highly promising, which makes it the most sought-after profession today. Most school children take an interest in computers they have grown up with, but as they reach the end of their school term, many of them often face the dilemma of taking up Computer Science as a career.  Since they do not have any idea about the curriculum taught in colleges, they depend only on their interest and passion for deciding whether they could benefit from it by taking it up for higher studies. In the absence of all-round and in-depth information about what the curriculum teaches, they often find it challenging to make the right decision.  

Find a stepping stone

Indeed, it is a big problem to take a career decision based on fragmented and unverified information that floats around because it can prove very costly. To gather first-hand information about what a career in Computer Science could mean, it is advisable to enrol in a summer school that teaches Computer Science.  After the brief schooling that usually lasts for two weeks, you will gather authentic information about the syllabus taught colleges, which focus on the scientific principles behind the fascinating discipline and how those principles are applied in various sectors.  Summer schools for Computer Science are the steppingstones that provide authentic information and feel about what lies ahead for those who want to make a career in it. They will realize that there is much more than just the joy of operating the devices by understanding what goes behind the scenes to make the machines perform the designated tasks. 

Being passionate is not enough

Being passionate about computers might hold some indication about the possibility of pursuing a career in Computer Science. You must have the desire to learn the science and technology that drives the systems. You must have the technical inclination and capability to grasp knowledge and not just stay fascinated by the deliverables. For example, a gaming enthusiast who spends hours on computers just for enjoyment and fun might not be interested to know the science behind it.  The exposure to summer school gives a formal academic understanding of the discipline, and students can immensely benefit from it to decide their future.

A peek into the college life

Look for a summer school sponsored by some leading universities like the Cambridge University, where the course will teach you from the essential building blocks to more advanced topics like business intelligence, artificial intelligence, cryptography, machine learning, blockchain, and many more. Do you possess mathematical skills, take an interest in engineering and programming, and want to learn more about the working ways of computers? Then you could be an excellent candidate to pursue a career in Computer Science.

Many colleges of the university conduct summer schools, and besides learning, it provides opportunities to experience what kind of college life you should expect and who you could have as your classmates. How well you adapt to the curriculum has a bearing on what you decide. 

Author Bio

Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.