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Writing a personal statement is considered one of the most important requisites for any student applying for college or university. Going by its name, it must include details and importance about why a student writing one should be considered for admission. 

A practice that has been in use for many years may seem to have lost its significance in today’s time, but the fact that many colleges still prefer personal statements answers the question of its importance and need.

Introduction to you

A personal statement is a written introduction about you and helps explain why you are a good fit for the college. Just as the name implies, it must be personal and have details about who you are, your vision, dreams, and how the college you are applying to helps you take care of your learning needs. A personal statement must be highly engaging, personal, and, most importantly, impressive. 

Personal Statement writer for hire

A personal statement must come from you, and there are ways to help if you are not a confident writer. As a student aspiring to go to your dream college to complete your education goals, seek help when you need it for your study. For example, your statement is the chance to help you get through, look through to take inspiration, and help to understand the requirements. It is always better to take help instead of worrying about the fact that your writing will not help you. 

Writing the truth

At times, we tend to exaggerate and write much more than who we are. We may tend to write a few extra hobbies or experiences that are not true. It may help you get through to other rounds, but remember that the final selection rounds involve the faculty opening your statement and asking you to take them through your hobbies or experiences. Therefore, instead of being caught off guard and derailing your chances, it is always better to be completely honest. 

Read before you start writing 

Read from the internet and other sources on how to write a personal statement. Use the already written and available examples to get a direction before you begin. Once you know what the teachers expect, the task will only get more manageable for you. 

If you have older college friends, ask them about the ways they approached writing their statements and about their experience through the selection process. A person with some background knowledge will also be a good fit and in a position to help you through. 

Write with no judgments 

A great piece of advice to start with is to write with no judgments about yourself. Many students often feel a loss of confidence reflecting on their journeys as they may not have enough material to showcase. 

Remember that you are a student and are looking to embark on a further learning journey. Instead of experiences, show the reader why you are a good fit to be chosen for future studies. Write in a way that proves your dedication, hard work, and zeal to take up a course in the future. If you begin with a position of low confidence, it will easily reflect on your writing and affect the chances of selection.

Edit and proofread 

The next step that comes after you have completed writing your personal statement is editing. The most important step along the way, editing, helps firm up your piece. Use the modern writing and editing tools on the internet to ensure that you have the best piece with no errors. Plagiarism is also often a deal-breaker for students who may have written good pieces but have sources and parts copied from an already written piece available on the internet. 

You can take help from professionals or your friends and family to help you submit a good piece. College alumni and seniors are also the best guides as they already know what helps make the cut and get the desired admission in the course you selected. Follow all critical steps to reach satisfaction and finally leave the verdict to tour selectors, college faculty.


Remember to have fun as you look back on your journey as a school student. College is a more severe course of time where you transition into an adult and begin working on your career. Do not feel highly pressured by the personal statement writing or any other college admission procedure. You will make it to your desired college and course if you are serious, determined, and particular about your future. 

Author’s Bio 

Michael Turner is a magician of sorts when it comes to writing. He has had a love for writing since his school days when he used to write poems and stories. He’s now a professional writer, has authored some famous books and has been deeply involved in academic writing and blogging as a freelancer.