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  1. Candy Jokes: What kind of bear has no teeth?… A gummy bear! (Hunting Jokes for Kids)
  2. Middle School JokesTeacher: Where did your mom go to middle school? Student: Alaska. Teacher: Never mind, I’ll ask her myself.(Mother’s Day Jokes & Alaska Jokes)
  3. American Revolution Jokes: What dance was very popular in 1776?… Indepen-dance! (Music Jokes)
  4. November Jokes: What month should you never ask to the Prom?… “NO” vember (Clean Prom Jokes)
  5. Winnie the Pooh Jokes: What’s Winnie’s favorite bird?… Christopher Robin. (Bird Jokes)
  6. Donut Jokes: Knock Knock… Who’s there… Donut… Donut who?… Donut ask, it’s a secret! (Knock Knock Jokes for Kids)
  7. Fall Jokes: Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?… To make up for his miserable summer. (Summer Jokes for Kids)
  8. Turtle Jokes: What do you get if cross a Turtle with a Giraffe?… A Turtle-Neck (Giraffe Jokes for Kids & Fall Jokes)
  9. Popcorn Jokes: Why aren’t there many jokes about popcorn?… Because they are corny.
  10. Electoral College Highest to Lowest by State
  11. Hockey Jokes for Kids: What does a hockey player and a magician have in common?… Both do hat tricks!(Magic Jokes)
  12. Shark Jokes: Which sharks would you find at a construction site?… Hammerhead sharks.Lobster Jokes: Why did

.Hot Dog JokesDid you see the movie about the hot dog?… It was an Oscar Wiener.National Taco Day JokesCustomer: “Waiter, this taco tastes funny!” Waiter: “Then why aren’t you laughing?” (Taco Jokes) the lobster blush?… It saw the ocean’s bottom. (Ocean Jokes for Kids & Summer Jokes for Kids)