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Moving out and attending college is a big step for any young adult. As the parent of a young adult, there are many ways to help your child as they transition from high school to college. Long past finding the right selective colleges, filling out those college applications and college essays, and meeting with admissions counselors to figure out financial aid and scholarships, there’s still more you can do to support your college student. For a closer look at a few ways you can help your child as they transition into life at a top university, read on.


If you’re like many parents, you likely helped your child discover their passion and assisted them with test prep throughout their high school classes. Maybe you helped them study to get into an Ivy league university, or perhaps you helped them find the right college coach for them. Now, as your child gets ready to move to college, it’s important to be sure they have the equipment they need to succeed at school on their own.

Many colleges will work on college Zoom programs and hold classes online when COVID-19 numbers rise. For this reason, you’ll need to send your child to school with up-to-date technology and gadgets like lighting sets for streaming that will make communication possible as they work toward their educational and career goals. Don’t forget those tech hobbies, too. Hotspawn, a great resource, combines news, in-depth analysis, and how-to guides in one place to help you learn everything you need to know about esports if this is something your child is into.

Start by talking to an admissions counselor about the types of technology your student will need to achieve their academic goals and successfully earn college credits. Making a list and planning ahead will be helpful whether your child is taking mostly online classes or intends to go to classes in person.

Strong Network of Support

Everyone needs a strong support system no matter what age they are. Think back to the college admissions help your child received during the application process. Odds are, the college admissions counselor was interested in your child’s areas of interest, aspirations, and even weaknesses. You’ll want the same to be true for your child’s support system.

Helping your child to identify a strong support system for them before they leave for college is a good idea. Maybe this means a list of friends from high school or family members outside your immediate system that they can call on when they need a taste of home but can’t reach you by phone. The truth is that many young adults avoid parents for the first semester so they can build good boundaries and work to figure out how to live away from home.

Freedom and Independence

Your child has come this far. One of the best ways you can help your child when they first move away to college is to give them the independence they need to find themselves and make new connections in their college community. As you make that list of power banks, fluorescent lights, live video equipment, and the right USB cables, take time to remind your child that you trust their decisions and be honest about your concerns and reservations.

Letting your child know you’re there for them but trust them to be an adult and live their own best life is the best gift you can give them. When in doubt, remind them of their strengths and reassure them that you’ll be there no matter what happens. Letting them know you’re only a phone call away, but giving them the space they need to make choices about the best options for them is the best way to show your child you trust and believe in them.