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Video games in our time have received a new appointment. Now you can not only have a good time but also study. Modern technologies have received a new mission – to work for the benefit of education. Interactive versions of classes have become more popular and online learning can be obtained in almost any discipline. But a common problem for all parents is to get the child to learn, find an approach and arouse interest. The best solution is gamification. This is a unique way to learn math through games, puzzles, quests and so on. 

Learn Math Easy and Fun

You can find all kinds of play materials for mathematics, physics, chemistry and other complex sciences. It will not seem scary and incomprehensible to you; the learning process will be fun and exciting. Show the child the purpose of the task and observe how he is engaged and interested. There are many great sites that provide such games. The effectiveness of this method has been proven by many studies.

For example, it is worth learning more about the Singapore Method of Learning Mathematics. The portal offers many games with a mathematical direction. Lessons are suitable for people of different ages, even for preschool education. ESM adaptive program is to visualize each mathematical equation so that you “see” the essence of the problem. It is much easier and clearer than learning complex formulas by heart. Such a platform has collected a lot of useful materials and offers lessons with different degrees of difficulty.

You should explore different web resources to find something suitable in the area where the gamification method is used. The effectiveness lies in the fact that such an approach is a full-fledged strategy that is thought out from all sides. The mathematical direction is introduced into the game, a character and a task are added. Finish a level to start a new one. Increase your knowledge by passing many amazing levels.

Benefits of Gamification

Many people have already been able to appreciate all the benefits of learning mathematics through a game solution. It is interesting and simple, causes excitement and involvement. This method is used in distance learning or for self-study. Let’s find out the main benefits of gamification:

  • This makes mathematics fun and increases interest in learning. You see learning not as a lesson and a challenge, it’s a game and you want to complete the previous level and start a new one.
  • This inspires students, they forget about the stress that learning mathematics causes. Yes, for many people, mathematics is associated with complex arithmetic problems that leads to excitement and stress. The playful approach is relaxing and even gives satisfaction from a successfully completed lesson. Gamification provides an opportunity to practice because it makes math fun and inspires students to practice more.
  • This increases the level of motivation because students receive rewards. Any game is competition and stimulation to win. Motivating inscriptions like “You’re done!”, “That was cool!” help to keep learning and not lose interest.
  • This leaves room for curiosity and questions. Each lesson in gamification is unique, so you will not find similar tasks and levels. Even the most mind-blowing task can raise questions; don’t be afraid to ask them.

Adaptive math games show excellent results especially for schoolchildren and preschoolers. Try to start with testing to evaluate your knowledge and choose the appropriate level of games. Determine for yourself which direction is a weak point in order to focus on this topic. Evaluate your results or skip lessons. You will see how gamification changes your understanding of mathematics and makes it exciting. If you love video games then combine the game and the lessons. The results will not be long in coming.


Gamification is a must for learning math because it is effective and improves productivity. You can use this for home schooling or take classes online by giving students lessons on the website. This approach has become popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many schools have switched to online learning. There are more such portals, they began to expand and have increased traffic. Now you can improve your math skills even on the way to work because many resources have mobile applications.