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In Singapore, the parents put their profound effort in their child’s education, and not surprisingly; it has a far-reaching knock-on effect in Singapore’s becoming one of the wealthiest nations of the world.  In every stage of Singapore’s education system, the national curriculum is exceedingly demanding, and it is only natural that every participant has to be frightfully competitive. To ease such pressure, parents usually seek help from a good deal of tuition providing centers that provide help in many forms like giving tuitions, referring home tutors,  facilitating online tutors, etc.  

Home tutoring or tuition provided by the professional tuition-providing centers are tried and trusted methods of getting help for the students. Home tutoring is usually done by qualified and experienced teachers. Sometimes they work on their own, and sometimes they associate themselves with the professional tuition-providing centers. Among such tuition providing centers, tuition in Physics and Mathematics provided by respectively JC Physics Tuition in Singapore  and IP Tuition in Singapore are very well-known.  But online tutoring is also forging its name in the business of educating students outside their educational institutes. 

Let’s look at online tutoring first. 

The advancement of science and technology introduces fresh ideas almost daily, and we inadvertently incorporate new ideas in our lives. Online Tutoring is such an idea that seamlessly is asseverated in modern households and it keeps alluring us with its many pragmatic and functional benefits.  

Traditionally tutoring requires both the tutor and the student physically present at the same time in a face-to-face environment. Online tutoring takes only the idea of giving tutoring without being in the same environment, like being present in the same room or even at the same time. Online tutoring can be provided following the below methods: 

  1. Asynchronous Tutoring.
  2. Synchronous Tutoring.

In the asynchronous method, the teacher gives assignments through email and the student finishes the assignment and submits after completion. There are few tools available to help the students to ask for further clarification, explanation etc and the tutor and the student need not be present at the same time to facilitate the exchange. The tutor and the student both take part in real-time simultaneously for synchronous tutoring. There are several ways to allow both the parties to communicate successfully and usually video, audio, text etc are used through a different medium like Skype, Messenger, etc. 

But what are the benefits of online tutoring for your child? If you want to know, please carry on reading.

Saves A Lot of Time & Money: 

Everyone is busy these days, including your little ones. School, piano practice, swimming lesson, the project with the science teacher etc are only a few things that keep your children engaged throughout the day. So, it’s obvious shuttling them to and from different destinations in rush hour most of the time is really time consuming. And I’m not even starting with your busy schedule. 

That’s why, if you choose online tutoring for your child, at least you can effectively remove one very important and time-consuming aspect of the busy lives you are living.  This idea will also save your money, which might be spent on fuels. And when you are not driving, you are literally saving the environment from pollution.

Anything but A School-Like Environment: 

No matter how hard the teachers try or how good they are in teaching in school, some students always lag behind. What if your child is in that lagging group? Even if they aren’t, don’t you think that the explanation about the quadratic equation given in the class wasn’t enough for your child to grasp completely? Or what about the Laws of Gravitation by Newton? Are you sure your child is good to go in the exam to get the ‘A’ he/she so deserves in Physics? 

The truth is, you can never be. Considering the classroom environment is the absolute best, there are always some students who are introverted or shy to ask anything to the teachers and they mightn’t be able to complete the understanding regarding anything difficult. And also teachers are restrained by time and no matter how sincerely they want all the students to get to the bottom of anything, it’s not always possible. 

That’s why online tutoring serves those students who might not get the best out of the schooling experience.  Because online tutoring is the furthest thing from a classroom environment; rather your child is in the comfort of sitting in his/her very own favorite chair and always in a position to ask anything he/she isn’t quite sure about. And as the tutor has only a student to attend to, he /she can devote fully to making your child understand the topic and grasp the subject-knowledge.

Learning Made Easy And In A Suitable Pace:

Every school is bound by the educational board to complete the assigned syllabus within a stipulated time, which in turn, makes the teachers teach in a predetermined pace irrespective of any students not comprehending the topic completely. But when you provide your child with an online tutor, your child determines the pace. There will be no rush to complete the topic within 30 minutes, and that enables your child to get the concepts in full. It will also help them be in control of their own learning process, and in time, that process will get enriched. The simple reason for happening that is, your child becomes confident and without ever knowing, they are in charge of their own learning. 

Learning Plans Can Be Customized:

Your precious one may be a quick learner or he/she may require special attention. No matter where your child stands, it is the beauty of online tutoring that a learning plan can be made and executed suitable only for your child. And as the online learning advances, it is always best to change or adjust the plan considering the progress made by your child.

Get Updates Regularly:

You can get a daily update about your child’s progress if you so choose. Your selected online tutor can specify strengths and weaknesses of your child’s learning ability regularly. The tutor can also point out if anything you can do to make your child concentrate. And you can do all that in the comfort of staying at your home at your convenient time. 

Get The Best, From Anywhere In The World:

If you find out your child is not doing well in English Literature, make him/her happy simply by telling that you are getting an Oxford-Educated English Literature teacher! Yes, that is entirely possible if you have the desire and the means to fulfill it. 

That is the beauty of online tutoring–you can get the best online tutor out there anywhere in the world and give your child the support he/she deserves. There is no border, no time difference, no problems whatsoever.   

Improvement In Academic Performance And Supercharging Confidence:

The best way to improve your child’s performance in an academic arena is to get the help of an online tutor. If you can combine targeted understandings of lagging concepts of the curriculum with customized planning for your child, your child’s academic performance can skyrocket. This, in turn, will build confidence and your child will be better equipped to face the social pressure imposed upon the adolescents.

Those are only a few among many benefits of online tutoring for your child. So, if you feel the need, why wait any longer? 

Find a suitable tutor for your kid, see them exceeding your expectations and be very proud.