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The students usually undergo a previous preparation to begin their university studies. The transition from one academic degree to another entails greater commitments and demands. Practice exercises aimed at improving concentration and memory, guarantee a better performance and ease to do your own essay. You can start with simple mental exercises such as jokes of the day, solve a crossword puzzle or walk towards the university, although they may seem insignificant, they bring great benefits in your ratings and satisfaction.

The preparation for university studies is a fundamental task that every student must perform to ensure success in their academic activities. Mastering levels of concentration and relaxation are the key to an effective learning process.  

Tricks that you should know

Among the most recommended activities are those that improve the physical and mental conditions of the student, they are; 

  1. Improve writing, start using technological tools to make the writing process easier. These are software that you will find on the web and you can download for free, and they are very useful. There are private platforms that also help you in this regard.
  1. Organization, it is important to draw up an agenda and comply with each of the purposes you have written down. Being organized, you will have more free time, avoid stress and you will have everything up to date. You can help with the benefits offered by technology. Download applications from personal assistants, it’s a great idea. It is an option that will make it easier to remember the tasks and it is really economical.
  1. Write; Writing exercises help you develop your skills to complete your tasks. Exercising this activity reinforces the skills for descriptive order  and other tasks assigned to obtain your academic degree. 
  1. Reading; Reinforce reading habits to strengthen your verbal ability and your ability to write with a rich and enriching language.
  1. Leisure and fun; try to take your time to distract your mind; If your mind is tired, it hardly produces optimal results. The moments of leisure and fun are necessary to disconnect from the stress and hectic life that leads to mental exhaustion and physical discomfort. Go for a walk to the beach, the mountain, run bicycles, go to the movies, meet friends, contemplate the beautiful landscapes of nature, refresh your mind and recover lost energies.
  1. Music therapy; Music is used to improve the learning process, relaxation, and concentration. Try to identify the music that most motivates you to study, and to perform different activities, this technique is great to achieve excellent results.
  1. Physical exercise; Exercising physically brings you benefits both physically and mentally. By activating the body, circulation and cerebral oxygenation bring great benefits to overall health.
  1. Balanced feeding; promotes good eating habits, a well-nourished body enjoys a lucid and young mind. Good nutrition is essential to maintain mental and physical health.
  1. Do relaxation exercises; Exercises such as yoga help you relax and concentrate, if you do it often your body strengthens these skills. Create habits with this exercise and reinforce concentration and relaxation.

Creating habits that improve attention, concentration and memory open up the possibilities of achieving the greatest success in your studies, you just have to discover the techniques that work for you. You can start doing exercises as simple as watching animal jokes, hear music, among others, and start training your mind, she will tell you what works for her. Remember that each individual reacts differently to stimuli, if you manage to master this part of your life, you will have assured success.