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According to, companies will spend $80 billion on SEO by 2020. Currently, product listing advertisements have started to become extremely expensive, and in this situation, search engine optimization is an ideal way of combating the rising prices of the paid efforts. Generating traffic to the products as well as category pages is significant as it makes you rely less on any paid channel. Given below is a list of the ideal e-commerce practices as well as tips, which will help in growing traffic as well as sales. It is critical to have a high rank in search engines.

The website structure

The website has to be structured properly because it can help in creating a huge difference in your rank in the search engines and moreover, there is a high chance of customers buying products from you. Numerous opportunities are there when it comes to improving the website structure, but you should know clean URL as well as breadcrumb navigation. These are two crucial parts of a website structure, which is capable of impacting the e-commerce store almost immediately. 

The first one is undoubtedly breadcrumb navigation, which is one particular kind of navigation that is capable of showing users exactly where they are without having to check the URL. Breadcrumb navigation is responsible for helping with site mapping as well as the organization of the site structure. 

The second optimization of the website structure is undoubtedly clean URLs. Clean URL is a URL that can be read and these URLs are intended for both the visitors as well as Google for improving accessibility and usability by remaining meaningful and intuitive. 

Researching e-commerce keywords

As soon as you are done with the technical structuring of your website, it is significant to dive into an important process, which is equally crucial. This process is known as in that keyword research. 

When you start with strong keyword foundations, it is responsible for making or breaking the complete SEO efforts. It can help in saving time if you are doing it properly from the beginning itself. This phase is particularly crucial because it is responsible for impacting all the optimizations that are moving forward. 

Tools like Google Keyword Planner permit you to find information regarding the base keywords. You will be able to collect monthly search volume, the competition of the keyword, and the average CPC. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest tools for kick-starting the efforts associated with keyword research. 

Optimizing product pages

Only copying product descriptions and pasting them from the manufacturers or your competitors are not going to be enough. Product pages along with relevant product descriptions are going to be vital for your success. You have to ensure that you are optimizing every single area by including H1, Meta descriptions, and Meta titles. You can concentrate on making the product descriptions unique and creative by:

  • Sticking to the branding.
  • Using jargon and keeping the description easy to decipher.
  • Making use of bullet points to distinguish one feature from the other.
  • Speaking to buyers throughout the entire copy.

Stay away from duplicate content

When you are the owner of an e-commerce store, it can be extremely difficult to stay away from duplicate content. It becomes even more difficult when you have thousands of different kinds of products. Differentiating variations and product descriptions is an important and daunting task, and in case if they are duplicate, the search rankings can be affected to a great extent. 

To avoid this, you have to add canonical tags for 301 redirects for certain pages so that you can ensure that the search engines easily understand the pages that have similar and identical content.

Consider mobile experience

SEO Cincinnati helps optimizing your e-commerce site for mobile-first is becoming mandatory. As the owner of an e-commerce store, you need to consider the following:

  • Responsive mobile design is necessary.
  • Page speed, as well as optimization of load time, is important.
  • Mobile navigation has to be easy and user interface needs to be amazing.
  • There should be a simple mobile checkout option so that customers can easily check out without any hassle.

Optimize the category pages

Another important thing that you have to keep in mind is that a category page is equally crucial as a product page. Category pages follow similar principles like product pages. Given below is a list of tips that you need to take care of when it comes to category pages. 

  • Optimize the category titles from the keyword research.
  • Optimize the category Meta descriptions by summarizing product as well as offerings while remaining unique and creative.
  • Add the H1 tag.
  • Include a description of the category page below the H1 tag.
  • Do not forget to add internal links.
  • Add images.

Avoid broken links

This can seem extremely easy but it is also equally important. Almost everyone keeps experiencing page 404. This is one of the worst user experiences for all your consumers including Google. When you are growing as an e-commerce business, you have to check the 404 regularly. Several tools are available, which can help you to check for page 404 easily. If you can fix this page, everyone is going to win. Visiting New York SEO organizations is also a great idea to receive help from professionals. 

Maximize the speed of the website

This is one of the most popular topics, which is capable of creating a great impact on the e-commerce store as well as the experience of the visitors. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to understand the page speed and also get information regarding what is slowing your website down. An amazing part about this tool is that it is capable of providing various action items, which you can fix almost immediately. 

Keep the store secured with HTTPS

In 2019, it is shocking to see that e-commerce stores still exist without HTTPS. However, it is never too late to make your store secure. As the owner of your store, you are constantly collecting details from your customers. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure that the information that you are collecting is encrypted. 


Indeed, it was never easy to gain organic traffic and it is even more difficult for e-commerce businesses. With the help of the tips that have been mentioned above, you can jump into action and start the organic growth easily.