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Escape rooms in Calgary have become a popular pastime among families, teens, and even coworkers. It’s a simple concept: lock yourself in a themed room and solve the puzzles to free the locks. Will you be able to find a way out of this situation? It’s a thrilling pastime that’ll add adrenaline to your veins and boost your logic. Find out the best rooms you can try at Escape Hour to experience mysterious adventures.

Escape Hour

The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar Room

The year is 1930. You work at the National Museum of the United Kingdom. Magnus Ferguson, one of your coworkers, has been collecting antiquities all throughout Africa. He has uncovered Zanzibar’s Lost Jewel. The gem, however, is in danger of being stolen by a local warlord. Magnus has concealed the diamond in his camp and has left a sequence of clues that only you will be able to decipher. Will you be able to locate the gem before the warlord and his army arrive to claim it?

VR Room

Bug-O-Tron 66 is a great team action in the “base defense” genre, in which participants defend a vital but tiny outpost on the edge of the galaxy, which, out of a sudden, assaults one of Roy’s Packs. Destroy foes using machine guns, rockets, and automated turrets, and don’t forget to keep an eye on the skies. Will the base be able to withstand another wave? It’s all up to you.

Bank Heist Room

Escape room

Despite their extensive expertise and thorough planning, a group of bank thieves has been apprehended. They’ve been given freedom in return for one more job by a shady detective. The thieves, on the other hand, recognized that their new customer was plotting a double-cross. You can’t con a crook, though.

When the robbers learned of their client’s plan, they resolved to maintain their freedom as well as take the money. You should not have to pay for your freedom. Get compensated for it. To do so, your team needs to devise a complicated plan. What’s the payoff? You’re going to teach that nefarious customer a lesson. This is the ideal crime to commit.

Escape Hour rooms are an outstanding and mind-blowing event that’ll pique your interest in every aspect. Escape Hour’s intrigue, challenging adventures, and enjoyable diversion are well worth your time to spend with your family or friends!