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If you’re passionate about education, teaching in a classroom isn’t your only option. With remote learning gaining popularity, there’s never been a better time to explore your options. Here’s some of the top opportunities for remote teachers.

ESL Teacher

If you love helping others master the English language, ESL teaching might be for you. Being an ESL teacher offers plenty of flexibility in who you work with and when. You can teach children remotely in China, or you can work with adults locally looking to improve their speaking skills. There are plenty of platforms to help you get started. If you want to work with kids, VIPKids are among the top platforms

Law School Tutor

If you enjoy legal theory and want to teach law, you might want to pursue a degree in law. In addition to scholarships, you can also apply for a loan through a private lender to cover the costs of graduate school. Then, while earning your degree, you can still tutor students who are in pre-law classes as well.

High School Tutor

If you prefer working with older teens, you could also tutor high school students. Even though some colleges no longer require SATs, many still do. As such, it’s important for students to earn the highest score possible. Depending on your specialization, you can help prep students for the SAT exam.

Special Education

If you have certification, you can also become a special education tutor. It’s important to note that while some teachers do teach other subjects, they’ve completed the educational requirements to tutor students with special needs. These can include helping students with ADHD, autism and dyslexia. In this role, you can work with students of all ages.

Elementary Tutors

It’s not uncommon for elementary students to have trouble with standardized testing. This is where you can help. In this position, you can help develop areas where students might be delayed and help them achieve higher marks.

Pre-K Tutor

As a Pre-K tutor, you’ll work with children between the ages of 4 and 5. At this age, some students struggle with paying attention when the teacher is talking. Using imaginary play and storytelling, you’ll teach youngsters how to focus on the teacher and follow along without interrupting the class.

General Tutor

As general tutor, you’re well-versed in a variety of subjects. You can help students as they enter middle school and enter their first year of high school. General tutors also work with students who are struggling in specific courses, like Mathematics or English.

Homework Help

Sometimes, students just need extra help with their homework. From complex math problems to learning a new language, homework tutors covet all the bases. Most homework tutors work in a specific niche, however, there are others who offer help in more than one core subject. Since this is more on demand style as opposed to the set schedule of other options you will still be able to do leisure time activities in addition to your job in a flexible way. 

Test Prep

Just as the title implies, test prep tutors help students prepare for their exams. Some students need extra help for senior exams while others might need help testing for advanced courses in middle or high school.