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We have a lot of information on grants and scholarships here on College Raptor. There are a lot of programs designed to help students in various fields get the funding they need. However, not everyone can qualify for grants and scholarships. More importantly, not all programs cover all of your expenses as a student.

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One of the things you can do to earn money for school and living expenses is get a job. If you are a pre-med student looking for jobs you can apply for, this article is for you. In this article, we are going to take a look at the best jobs you can get today.

Medical Scribe

Working as a medical scribe is a fantastic choice of job for pre-med students for two reasons. First of all, the medical scribe program allows you to earn a living while working in the field you already love. You will be working in healthcare facilities and private practices too, so you can learn about the work environment in these institutions while working as a scribe.

Getting a job as a medical scribe is also fairly easy, especially if you are a pre-med student. Agencies such as EPPA accept applications several times a year. Once accepted, you will be given schedules to meet and you can start earning an income as a pre-med student immediately.

Nursing Assistant

Another career option to consider is a career in nursing. A nursing assistant is a profession that gives you a lot of flexibility. As a nursing assistant, you can choose your work hours and set your schedules and make it so they don’t interfere with your classes or other activities.

Before you can work as a nursing assistant, however, you need to pursue a certification in this field. This too is an easy task to complete, especially with community colleges, online courses, and vocational schools helping you along the way.

Emergency Medical Technician

If you want to spend your time helping others, there is no better profession than an emergency medical technician or EMT. Working as an EMT does require some qualifications, but if you do manage to qualify for the job, you will learn a lot while helping others.

Working as an EMT can be quite demanding, but you can still find a balance between your work and school with good time management. You can work on fewer shifts or work the night shifts if you have classes to attend. More importantly, you can choose how many shifts to take based on your other responsibilities as a pre-med student.

Medical Records Technician

Unlike a medical scribe, a medical records technician performs recordkeeping. With hospitals and larger healthcare service providers trying to keep up with the use of Electronic Health Records, the demand for MRTs is on the rise.

You will spend most of your time digitizing old health records and maintaining patient databases. If you love spending time dealing with data, and have an eye for detail, this is the job for you.There are still other careers you can pursue as a pre-med student. Finding the right one is easy now that you have the internet on your side.