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Lora Jonson is an active guest post writer and she works as a content manager. She believes that her articles help people to be more productive and achieve success in their life. Besides, she is interested in painting, traveling and self-improvement. Her life credo is “Be, do and have what you’re here for.”

Ghostwriting has been very popular amongst authors and bloggers. This is where a writer does all the work, but does not take credit for the work. Instead, they are paid for their services. When it comes to hiring an academic ghost writer online, you have to find someone who is qualified in that genre. Even if someone is a good writer, it does not mean they necessarily have the skills to do academic writing.

You can find many ghostwriters, but not all are as good as you need them to be. This is why it is important to do a few checks. It is just to make sure you get the best quality for your money. There is also a misconception that ghostwriting costs a fortune. It is fairly affordable and pricing is usually calculated on the amount of words you need. If you are doing a thesis paper, it might cost more than having an essay written. Here are some tips and tricks to find the best academic ghostwriter.


Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials. You are starting a professional relationship with this writer and you need to know if it is worth your time. When it comes to academic ghostwriting you cannot take a chance. Your results will be determined by another individual and you need to know if they have succeeded previously. Most professional writers will either have reviews on their websites or customer testimonials.


Another route you can take is asking for samples of the writer’s previous work. This is not just to check for grammar, but also for the writing style. You want to hire someone whose writing is similar to your own. This will be more convincing to your teachers or professors. It is also widely accepted for you to request this and most writers have it ready to go. A lot is riding on this paper and you want to get the results you need. If the ghostwriter is not doing what you need, it is best to just do it yourself.


Before you engage with a ghostwriter, be sure to know what you expect. The quality of the writing is an important factor. Understand the ghost writer definition and make sure you get the results you want. There is no need to settle for poor quality work when you are paying for a service. Many writers will at least attempt to give you a good result. This does not mean that it is up to your standards. You should not be afraid to speak up with the quality is lacking.


This is one we miss all the time, until we need it. Ask about the amount of revisions the writer is willing to do. You will find that some ghostwriters actually charge you every time you need your work to be revised. This should not be the case. There should be a certain amount of revisions worked into the initial price. If not, they can send you terrible work and you simply have to accept it or spend more time correcting their mistakes. Engage with professional ghostwriters, in order for you to receive a fair amount of revisions done if you are unhappy with the work.

Would you hire an academic ghostwriter?

No everyone is into outsourcing their writing, but it could be beneficial in many ways. You may simply not have the time to invest in the process. Some people are also not very confident in their own writing capabilities. Instead of forcing the process and not doing the best work, leave it up to the experts. This is what a lot of students and professionals have been doing these days and you can benefit from it too. Take your time with the selection process if possible. Finding the writer that is a perfect fit for you may take time, but it is worth the extra effort.