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The following is a list of Christmas trivia questions with the answers. We hope you did well!
Christmas Trivia
1.  In Frosty the Snowman, who brought Frosty back to life?  Santa Claus
2. Who lost $8,000 in It’s a Wonderful Life? Uncle Billy
3.  In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, what biological shortcoming made the Grinch so mean? His heart was two sizes too small
4. Who tells you she’s in town by tap, tap, tappin’ at your windowpane? Suzy Snowflake
5.  What is the biggest selling Christmas single of all time? “White Christmas”
6.  What was Scrooge’s first name? Ebenezer
7.  Where was I when I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus? On the Stairs
8.  What was the name of Rudolph’s dogsled driving friend? Yukon Cornelius
9.  Who said “God Bless Us, Every One!”? Tiny Tim
10. What carol contains the line “O tidings of comfort and joy”? “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”
11. In The Night Before Christmas I sprang from my bed to see what? What was the matter
12. Name the three reindeer whose names begin with a “D”?  Dasher, Donder, Dancer
13. In the song “Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer” what did Grandma go to get? Her medication
14. What was the first gift my true love sent on the sixth day of Christmas? Six geese a-laying
15. In what city did Miracle on 34th Street take place? New York
16. In It’s a Wonderful Life, how did Clarence cleverly save George’s life? He jumped into the river first
17 .Who kept time with the Little Drummer Boy? The ox and the lamb
18. In The Night Before Christmas, where were the stockings hung? By the chimney
19. What is the name of the little girl in most versions of The Nutcracker? Clara
20. What is the last ghost called in A Christmas Carol? The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
21. What color is the Grinch? Green
22. How many pipers piping did my true love give to me? Eleven
23. In the movie The Santa Clause, who starred as the substitute Santa Claus? Tim Allen
24. What was Rudolph’s punishment for his red nose? Could not play in reindeer games
25. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, who plays the dusty innkeeper in the Christmas play? Pigpen
26. What did the traffic cop holler to Frosty? “Stop”
27. What holiday drink contains sugar, milk, and eggs? Eggnog
28. What popular bite-sized chocolate candy comes wrapped in red and green foil at Christmas? Hershey’s Kisses
29. What Saturday Evening Post artist was known for his whimsical pictures of Santa Claus? Norman Rockwell
30. What one reindeer is never mentioned in “The Night Before Christmas”? Rudolph
31. St. Nick’s beard is like what feature of winter? Snow
32. Name the two reindeer whose name begins with a “C”? Comet and Cupid
33. In It’s a Wonderful Life, what did Clarence receive for accomplishing his mission: wings or a halo? His Wings
34. What carol contains the word “Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la”? “Deck the Halls”
35. In the “Nutcracker” section of Fantasia, what fungi dance the Chinese dance? Mushrooms
36. What did the Grinch use as a substitute for reindeer? His dog
37. Who were nestled snug in their beds? The children
38. What 1990 movie told of a boy’s experience when two men break into his house during Christmas? Home Alone
39. What fruit is St. Nick’s nose like? A cherry
40. What glittery bits of metal are hung on a Christmas tree? Tinsel
41. In It’s a Wonderful Life, what kind of spirit is Clarence? An angel
42. What were Frosty’s last words? “I’ll be back again someday”
43. What piece of heavenly apparel does the Littlest Angel not wear correctly? His halo
44. What is Charlie Brown’s complaint about Christmas? It is too commercialized
45. What instrument does Amahl play as he leads the procession in Amahl and the Night Visitors? His reed pipe
46. On what street did a Santa Claus miracle occur? 34th
47. Counting Rudolph, how many reindeer are there? Nine
48. What happened to the drummer boy’s lamb when he played his song for the Baby Jesus? He came back to life
49. What did Rudolph never get to join in? Reindeer games
50. What Emmy Award winning cartoon was based on a newspaper editorial? Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Claus
51. What carol is known as the counting song? “The Twelve Days of Christmas”
52. Where did there arise such a clatter? On the lawn
53. What type of canned pie filling is a big seller at Christmastime? Pumpkin
54. What three characters sing “The Chipmunk Song”? Alvin, Theodore, and Simon
55. What gift did Caspar bring? Myrrh
56. In It’s a Wonderful Life, what part of George’s house is always broken? The bannister
57. Traditionally, does the oldest or youngest family member open the first present? The youngest child
58. What carol demands figgy pudding? “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”
59. What flower does Moore compare St. Nick’s cheeks to? A rose
60. Whose eyes were made of coal? Frosty’s
61. What song was originally titled “One Horse Open Sleigh”? “Jingle Bells”
62. What holiday film annually appears on television more than 300 times? It’s a Wonderful Life
63. In It’s A Wonderful Life, what two friends share their names with two Sesame Street characters? Bert and Ernie
64. What is Frosty’s nose made of? A button
65. How does Scrooge improve Cratchit’s life the day after Christmas? He gives him a raise
66. What country started the tradition of exchanging gifts? Italy (Romans)
67. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, what winter recreation is the cast of characters doing in the opening scene? Ice Skating
68. What are tiny, inexpensive gifts usually called? Stocking Stuffers
69. Name the reindeer whose name begins with a “B”? Blitzen
70. What W.W.II First Lady wrote a Christmas story about a girl named Marta? Elinor Roosevelt
71. What non-smoking association sponsors Christmas seals? American Lung Association
72. Visions of what dance in children’s heads? Sugarplums
73. How many times is the name of Santa Claus used in “The Night Before Christmas”?   None
74. What is the most popular tree topper? Angel
75. What song contains the line “Although, it’s been said, many times, many ways”? “The Christmas Song”
76. What did the Little Drummer Boy give to the Christ Child?  A song on his drum
77. What snack is often left out for Santa? Cookies
78. In It’s a Wonderful Life, who starred as George Bailey? Jimmy Stewart
79. What cola company was known for its ads featuring a big, smiling Santa? Coca-Cola
80. What does Alvin want for Christmas? A hula-hoop
81. Who wrote “The Night Before Christmas? Clement C. Moore
82. What does the nutcracker become after killing the Mouse King? A handsome prince
83. What men’s grooming appliance became a sled for Santa in commercials of the sixties? Norelco Electric Shaver
84. What do most elves wear on the tips of their shoes? Bells
85. After red and green, what are the two most popular Christmas colors? Silver and gold
86. What song contains the line “Somebody waits for you, kiss her once for me”? “A Holly Jolly Christmas”
87. What popular Christmas toy is based on a 1903 political caricature? The Teddy Bear
88. Who first recorded “Here Comes Santa Claus”? Gene Autry
89. What song does a caroler sing outside Scrooge’s office? “God Rest You Merry Gentlemen”
90. What two words are normally pre-printed on gift tags?  To, From
91. Where was Mommy when she was kissing Santa Claus?    Underneath the mistletoe
92. What film told the plight of a poor mountain family during the days of the Depression? The Homecoming
93. On every street corner you hear what song? “Silver Bells”
94. What was Brenda Lee doing around the Christmas Tree? Rockin’
95. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, how many cents does Lucy charge for her psychiatric services? 5 cents
96. Elvis Presley recorded what sad song in the fifties? “Blue Christmas”
97. In “Winter Wonderland” the lovestruck couple pretends a snowman is who? Parson Brown
98. What parade was first held January 1, 1886? Tournament of Roses
99. What song is full of threats and warnings about Santa Claus? “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town”
100. Where did Santa land his sleigh in “The Night Before Christmas”? Upon the roof
101. Who yelled “Stop” to Frosty? The traffic cop
102. In It’s A Wonderful Life, what did George dream of becoming?  An engineer/architect
103. What is the name of the first reindeer Santa calls in The Night Before Christmas? Dasher
104.What is the name of the most famous Christmas ballet? Nutcracker
105. What is the theme or essence of “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”? Peace on earth, goodwill to men
106. Who wrote A Christmas Carol? Charles Dickens

More Christmas Trivia

  1. Which popular Christmas beverage is also called “milk punch?”… Egg nog.
  2. How many ghosts show up in A Christmas Carol?… Four.
  3. Where was baby Jesus born?… In Bethlehem.
  4. Elvis isn’t going to have a white Christmas he’s going to have a…. Blue Christmas.
  5. What words follow “Silent Night” in the song?… Holy night.
  6. Which Hollywood actor played six different roles in The Polar Express?… Tom Hanks.
  7. What are you supposed to do when you find yourself under the mistletoe?… Kiss.
  8. In the movie Elf, what was the first rule of The Code of Elves?… Treat every day like Christmas.
  9. What was the real name of the character Tim Allen plays in The Santa Clause?… Scott Calvin.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Movie (10 Multiple Choice Questions)

  1. Mike Myers plays the Grinch. True or False?… False
  2. Fill in the blank “It’s because I’m ________ isn’t it?” – the Grinch… Green
  3. Who directed “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”?… Ron Howard
  4. The Grinch wins what award?… The Holiday Cheermeister Award
  5. What two people feel bad for the Grinch?… Cindy Lou Who and Martha May Hovier
  6. Fill in the blank “It came without packages, boxes, or ______.”… Bags
  7. The Grinch goes to Mount Crumpit to dump the presents. True or False… False
  8. Who is the narrator in this film?… Anthony Hopkins
  9. What is the Grinch’s dog’s name?… Max
  10. Who makes everyone realize the true meaning of Christmas?… Lou Lou Who

It’s a Wonderful Life: The Movie (10 Multiple Choice Questions)

  1. What was the name of the character played by Jimmy Stewart?… George Bailey
  2. What was the name of the girl who had a crush on George and who later married him? … Mary Hatch
  3. There was another girl who also had a crush on George. What was her name?… Violet Bick
  4. Where did this movie take place?… Bedford Falls
  5. When George and Mary welcomed the Martinis to their new home they gave them a box of salt so “their house would always have “                     ” what?… Flavor
  6. What did ZuZu catch while walking home from school with her coat unbuttoned?… A cold
  7. What happened to George every time he walked up the stairs at their old home?… The wooden ball from the bannister came off.
  8. How did Clarence save George from committing suicide?… He jumped in the river.
  9. What did George have in his hand when he left Martini’s bar?… His insurance policy.
  10. When Harry Bailey asked his mother to use some dishes for his graduation party, she said “Not my                      “ what? … Haviland (a type of China)

A Christmas Story: the Movie (10 Multiple Choice Questions)

  1. What did Ralphie want for Christmas?… Red Rider BB Gun
  2. What was the standard reply whenever Ralphie said what he wanted for Christmas?… You’ll shoot your eye out kid!
  3. What did Ralphie’s father win, and Ralphie’s mother broke?… A Leg Lamp
  4. What was the name of the boy who stuck his tongue to the flag pole?… Flick
  5. What did Ralphie give his teacher for Christmas?… Fruit Basket
  6. What is the name of Ralphie’s brother?… Randy
  7. What famous movie were the characters from that were seen at the parade, and later at the department store?… The Wizard of Oz
  8. What did Ralphie’s Little Orphan Annie decoder ring tell him to drink?… Ovaltine
  9. Why did Ralphie’s family eat Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant?… The neighbor’s dogs ate the turkey.
  10. What did Ralphie tell his mom when he broke his glasses and cut his cheek on Christmas Morning?… An icicle fell on him.

Elf: The Movie (15 Multiple Choice Questions)

  1. Who portrays the character Buddy the Elf?… Will Ferrell
  2. What was Santa Claus doing while baby Buddy was crawling into his toy sack at the orphanage?… Eating a cookie
  3. Who raised Buddy?… Papa Elf
  4. “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is ______ loud for all to hear.”… Singing
  5. What toy was Buddy making where he failed to make his daily quota?… Etch-a-Sketch
  6. When Buddy leaves the North Pole, he floats away on a patch of ice. Which Christmas Classic is this scene taking from?… Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  7. What department store does Buddy visit after he is thrown out of his father’s office building and the Empire State Building?… Gimbel’s
  8. Buddy tells the department store Santa that he smells like what?… beef and cheese
  9. Jon Favreau, the director of “Elf” makes a cameo appearance in what role?… Doctor
  10. According to Buddy, which of the following is NOT one of the four food groups used by eleves?… gun drops
  11. What does Buddy craft from the wooden furniture in his bedroom?… A rocking horse
  12. Where does Jovie take Buddy to see a big beautiful Christmas tree?… Rockefeller Center
  13. In Buddy’s farewell note to Walter, Emily and Michael, what does he apologize for cramming into the VCR?… Cookies
  14. What does Buddy’s brother Michael want for Christmas?… A Skateboard
  15. What Christmas song does Jovie start singing to try to help spread Christmas cheer?… Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

  1. What was the name of the talking Snowman who narrated the Story?… Sam
  2. How did Donner, Rudolph’s father try to hide his nose?… He covered it with black mud.
  3. What was Hermey’s that caused him to stand out from the other elves?… He didn’t like to make toys.
  4. What was the name of the doe who befriended Rudolph?… Clarice
  5. Who were Rudolph and Hermey hiding from and almost got frostbitten?…
    Yukon Cornelius
  6. According to Yukon Cornelius what was the Abominable Snowman’s biggest weakness?… Water
  7. What was wrong with the doll on the island of Misfit Toys?… It was never explained.
  8. What job was given to the newly reformed Abominable Snowman?… He put the star on the Christmas tree.
  9. Why did Santa almost cancel Christmas?… The Storm was too heavy.
  10. When Rudolph led Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve, the first place they stopped was the Island of Misfit Toys (true or false)?… true

A Year Without A Santa Claus (15 Multiple Choice Questions)

  1. Who did the voice of Santa Claus?… Mickey Rooney
  2. Why did Santa want to cancel Christmas?… He was sick and he felt there wasn’t any more Christmas spirit.
  3. Who did the voice of Mrs. Claus?… Shirley Booth
  4. What was the name of the town (among others) that decided to cancel Christmas?… Southtown, USA
  5. What were the names of the two elves that Mrs. Claus sent to the above mentioned town?… Jingle and Jangle
  6. What was the name of the reindeer that the two elves rode?… Vixen
  7. The two elves tried to pretend that the reindeer was something else so they wouldn’t look suspicious. What was it?… a dog
  8. Mrs. Claus had a reindeer pull the sleigh so she could visit Mother Nature. What was that reindeer’s name?… Blitzen
  9. Mother Nature had two feuding sons. What were their names?… Snow Miser and Heat Miser
  10. Santa rode a reindeer to the town the elves were in to help them. What was its name?… Dasher
  11. While Santa was in town he befriended a young boy. What was his name?… Ignatius Thistlewhite
  12. Before Santa left for the town he received a letter from a sad little girl. What song did she sing?… Blue Christmas
  13. While visiting this town the elves find out from the mayor what he would love for Christmas. What is it?… Snow
  14. How did Mrs. Claus get the hot and cold brothers to agree?… She told their mother.
  15. What year was this movie made?… 1974

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  1. Where did the Grinch live?… Just North of Who-Ville
  2. What was the most likely reason that the Grinch hated Christmas?… His Heart was two sizes too small
  3. Although the Grinch disliked many things about Christmas, what was the one the one thing he liked least of all?… Every Who down in Who-ville would start singing
  4. “If I can’t find a reindeer, I’ll make one instead!” What was the Grinch’s dog’s name?… Max
  5. As the Grinch ransacked Who-ville, what was “the first thing to go!”… These stockings!
  6. The Grinch cleaned out the icebox. He even took the last can of what?… Who-hash!
  7. While stealing a Christmas tree, the Grinch was caught in the act by a small Who (not more than two!)…what was her name?… Cindy-Lou Who
  8. After being caught in the act of stealing a Christmas tree, the Grinch offered up a lie about what he was doing. Why did he say he was taking the Christmas tree?… “Why, my sweet little tot,” the fake Santy Claus lied, “There’s a light on this tree that won’t light on one side. “So I’m taking it home to my workshop, my dear. “I’ll fix it up there. Then I’ll bring it back here.”
  9. Only leaving bare wall with nothing but hooks and some wire, what was the last thing the Grinch took from the house?… The log for their fire
  10. How did the Grinch know that he hadn’t stopped Christmas?… The Who’s were singing. Without presents at all!
  11. How much did the Grinch’s heart grow that day?… 3 sizes!

Christmas Movies and TV Specials

  1. To Rudolph, what was Baby New Year’s name?… Happy
  2. What embarrassment does Charlie Brown suffer in A Charlie Brown Christmas? … Charlie Brown
  3. In Santa Claus is Coming to Town, what serious town is the first to receive toys?… Sombertown
  4. What Disney character portrayed Bob Cratchit in Mickey’s Christmas Carol?… Mickey Mouse
  5. What did the Grinch use as a substitute for reindeer?… his dog
  6. In Frosty the Snowman, who provided the voice of the magician?… Billy DeWolfe
  7. In Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, what was the name of the narrator / snowman?… Sam
  8. Jack Backus, Morey Amsterdam, and Jack Cassidy provided the voices to what animated version of a Dickens classic?… Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol
  9. Who was Rudolph’s father in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: Donner or Blitzen?… Donner
  10. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, what song do the characters end the show singing? … “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”
  11. Name one of the three songs Burl Ives sang in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?… “Holly Jolly Christmas,” “Silver and Gold,” or “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
  12. What does Herbie want to be in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?… A dentist
  13. What color was young Scrooge’s hair in Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol?… Red
  14. In Frosty the Snowman, what happened to Frosty in the greenhouse?… He melted
  15. In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, who was the littlest Who?… Cindy Lou
  16. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, does Charlie Brown or Snoopy direct the play? … Charlie Brown
  17. In Frosty the Snowman, who provided the voice of Frosty?… Jackie Vernon

Classic Christmas Movie Trivia

  1. What happened on 34th Street?… a miracle
  2. In Holiday Inn, what color did Bing Crosby paint Marjorie Reynold’s face: red or black?… Black
  3. What was the name of the parish in Going My Way?… St. Dominic’s
  4. What Wizard of Oz star portrayed the villain in the 1961 version of Babes in Toyland?… Ray Bolger
  5. In what two movies did Bing Crosby sine “White Christmas?”… Holiday Inn and White Christmas
  6. What was the first holiday the inn was open in Holiday Inn?… New Year’s Eve
  7. Name one of the two actors who turned down the role Danny Kaye had in White Christmas?… Donald O’Connor and Fred Astaire
  8. Who portrayed the angel in It’s a Wonderful Life?Henry Travers
  9. In Miracle on 34th Street, what amazing advice did Kris Kringle give to customers?… He sent them to other stores to buy gifts.
  10. What legendary figure on a horse did Rosemary Clooney give to Bing Crosby in White Christmas?… A knight on a horse
  11. In Holiday, on what holiday did Cary Grant and his fiance announce their engagement?… New Year’s Eve
  12. In what state does most of White Christmas take place: Vermont or New York?…Vermont
  13. How many Academy Awards did White Christmas win: zero or two?… zero
  14. Whom did Gene Lockhart portray in the 1938 version of A Christmas Carol?… Bob Cratchit
  15. Who portrayed the spinster writer in Christmas in Connecticut? Barbara Stanwyck
  16. What did George Bailey call “our song” in It’s a Wonderful Life?… “Buffalo Gals”
  17. What permanent injury did George Bailey suffer as a boy?… a deaf ear.
  18. In Holiday Inn, what was the name of the Turkey: Mr. Jones or Tom?… Mr. Jones
  19. What was the main character’s name in Home Alone?… Kevin
  20. What was Mary’s Last name in Babes in Toyland?… Contrary
  21. What Christmas bribe does Ralph give his teacher in The Christmas Story? A fruit basket
  22. In It’s a Wonderful Life, who starred as George Bailey?… Jimmy Stewart
  23. In Miracle on 34th Street, what toy did Santa Claus promise to the son of a bewildered mom: a doll or firetruck?… Firetruck
  24. Who directed White Christmas?… Michael Curtiz
  25. In It’s a Wonderful Life, what would have the town been called if George wa never born?… Potterville

International Christmas Trivia

  1. Is chicken or pork served as the main course for a Colombian Christmas?… Pig (Pork Roast)
  2. In what clothing article do Sicilian children expect to find their presents: knit cap or their stocking?… In their stockings
  3. What kind of tree do Yugoslavians burn as their yule log: oak or maple?… the oak
  4. Do Brazilian children expect to find their shoes or stockings filled with presents?… Their Shoes
  5. What European country popularized ‘Carol of the Birds?”… Spain
  6. In what communist country is St. Barbara’s Day used as a barometer of Christmas weather?… Poland
  7. What Iberian nation’s favorite sweet Christmas nougat is turron?… Spain
  8. What plant enables you to kiss people at Christmas time?… mistletoe
  9. In Ireland, what must your name be to snuff out the Church Christmas candles?… Mary
  10. In England, does finding a coin in the the plum pudding mean wealth or pregnancy to the finder?… wealth
  11. In what country does reveillon occur after midnight Mass: Austria or France?… France
  12. What European country features the “smoke blessing?”… Austria
  13. What Iberian country performs the Seasonal dance of Six?… Spain
  14. Who leaps out on New Year’s Eve, vigorously kisses Austrian women, and shares a name with Stallone?… Sylvester
  15. Paintings of whom do the Chinese hang on their wall on New Year’s Eve: samurai or ancestors?… Ancestors
  16. In Pakistan, what holiday is Bara Din?… Christmas (Big Day)
  17. In Bulgaria, what is Nova Godina?… New Year’s Day
  18. What door-to-door singers do the English call waits?… Carolers
  19. What sport do English indulge in on Boxer’s Day: parlor games or fox hunting?… Fox Hunting
  20. Because of the German population in Guatemala, what tradition has become quite popular?… The Christmas Tree
  21. What time does mass begin in Greece for the Christmas celebration?… 4 a.m. Christmas Day
  22. In Spain, what midnight event is called Misa del Galla?… Midnight Mass
  23. What trio are the gift bearers in Spain?… The Wise Men
  24. Admired by the Swedes, what nationality was St. Lucia?… Italian (Sicilian)
  25. What neutral nation’s traditions are influenced by no less than four other nations? … Switzerland
  26. In Iraq, what rank of clergymen ends the Christmas Service: Priest of Bishop?… Bishop
  27. Traditionally, does the oldest or youngest family member open the 1st present?… The youngest child
  28. Walrus tusks or sealskin mitts are typical gifts on what cold Danish Island?… Greenland
  29. According to Welch tradition, Mari Lwyd was turned out of the stable of whom?… Baby Jesus
  30. What continent country started “Carols by Candlelight?”… Australia
  31. What day is Noche-beuna in Spain?… Christmas Eve
  32. During church service in Germany, what stands on each side of the alter?… Christmas Trees
  33. In what country does the Mayor of Helsinki announce at the start of Christmas?… Finland
  34. In Austria, is the evil spirit Klaubauf a demon or troll?… A demon
  35. Through what opening in a house does Old Man Christmas enter a home in Chile, chimney or window?… Window
  36. Is the church of the Nativity located in Nazareth or Bethlehem?… Bethlehem
  37. What is the last Sunday before Christmas called in Norway: Dirty Sunday or Holy Sunday?… Dirty Sunday
  38. What takes the place of the Christmas Tree in Italy?… A Yule Log
  39. What does Jelesvann bring in Norway: good luck or gifts?… Gifts
  40. Who is Austria’s gift bringer?… St. Nicholis or Christ Kind
  41. The Grotto of the Nativity is considered the location of what event?… The Birthplace of Jesus Christ
  42. In what boot-like country is the manger scene called pesepio?… Italy
  43. What does Meri Kurisumasu mean in Japan?… Merry Christmas
  44. What country at one time banned Christmas?… France, England, or Italy
  45. What nut do Danish children look for in the rice pudding, walnut or almond?… an almond
  46. What South Pacific country features the Christmas bell and Christmas bush?… Australia
  47. What tundra dwellers enjoy Kiviak, decomposed auks, as Christmas treat?… Eskimos
  48. On what Mid-December date does the Christmas celebration in the Philippines begin?… December 16
  49. What number is considered lucky in Armenia on New Year’s Day?… Seven
  50. What Canadian island celebrates “Fish for the Church” during Christmas?… Newfoundland