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Lora Jonson
is an active guest post writer and she works as a content manager. She believes that her articles help people to be more productive and achieve success in their life. Besides, she is interested in painting, traveling and self-improvement. Her life credo is “Be, do and have what you’re here for.”

When you are required to write a capstone paper, you have probably been dreading it for a while. The truth is, most students need to go through this process. It is not created to punish the students, but instead, it is there to teach and push the students. If you need capstone help, you can find it in various places. Some students even go as far as outsourcing the whole project. There are some important lessons we learn through the process of completing out capstone projects. You may not even notice it at first, but it is there. The new knowledge you gain will follow you for the rest of your life. When one is so invested in a project like this, you have a better chance at committing everything to memory. That adrenaline pumping is not there to push you towards a stroke. It actually helps you perform better. Here are some ways you can learn new things by completing your capstone project.

Research Skills

This is a big one and a skill that is going to help you throughout your career. No matter what industry you end up working in, having the ability to research will come in very handy. We are always learning and evolving. Through researching for your capstone nursing project, you will find that you are learning so much. The more you research, the more you learn. In the process, you are indirectly acquiring a skill that is rare, but so necessary. This project will challenge you, but you are going to push back with your will to succeed. You may not even know what you are capable of. 


Your vocabulary is going to increase without you even knowing and it happens at a fast pace. As you are reading, writing and researching, you are going to come across a lot of “new” terms. These may not be familiar to you just yet, but it will help you in your future studies or in your career. You will be able to use these in context when talking to others or in your written communication. We often try and grow our vocabulary, but this is an easy way to do so. It is easy to take our vocabulary for granted and just work with what we have. Instead, we need to always try and strive forward and grow.

Writing skills

The more you write, the more you become a better writer. Every writer knows that reading and writing is what helps you achieve your goals. If you are looking for economics project ideas, you find the writing a little tedious and challenging. Working on this capstone project is going to help you become a better academic writing. Throughout our lives we are always required to write. Having a writing skill that is strong definitely going to help you going forward in your career. 


This one may be a little outside of the box, but it is an important factor and plays a huge role in completing your capstone project. In order for you to do this assignment successfully, you need to be disciplined. This kind of discipline is going to follow you for years to come. We often think that this assignment is just about the context, but it is more than that. It is important to always try and learn and improve ourselves. This one project can teach you all of this.

Have you completed a capstone project yet?

Even though a capstone project is a dreaded task, it is very beneficial to the student. You are going to gain so much knowledge and skills through the process. It might feel tedious to you at some points, but you have to keep in mind that you are learning throughout. Pay attention to what you are researching, writing and committing to memory. This will help you build a foundation for a solid career. 

Plagiarism is a big problem for anyone who wants to submit any written work. As such, it is critical that you beat the Turnitin plagiarism checker; and it is not an easy fete to accomplish.

The secret that most services use is to reword sentences to avoid plagiarism, for instance, Turnitin paraphrasing. It is the same principle that you need to apply in your writing to avoid plagiarism.

In some instances, paraphrase tools could be quite costly, and the particular reason, it comes in handy to know how to reword articles on your own. It ensures that you retain the authenticity within your text, and you need not fear copyright issues. 

Are paraphrase tools the best solution?

Paraphrase tools offer a quick and reliable option when it comes to rewording your article; and given that most of them are not as costly, they are quite a significant aspect in any writer’s life.

However, given the option, the best choice would be to acquire the rewording skill on your own. Apart from saving you the money you employ hiring paraphrasing services, it acts as a backup for rainy days. You never know when the service’s servers will shut down.

Additionally, rewording your work ensures that you reduce the risk of your text losing its original meaning. Not to discredit paraphrasing and rewording services, but you, as the author of your work, are the only person who fully understands the meaning and tone you wish to portray through your pieces.

Where could I get paraphrase tools?

Several years ago, such a question would be quite challenging to answer. But in the current world in which the internet dominates most things, it is quite simple to acquire the services; as simple as the click of a button.

All you do is access the internet wherever you are and such for whatever you want. You will get multiple suggestions of service providers, in this case, rewording tools. The rest is up to you to select the service that best suits your needs.

Tips for rewording a sentence that we get from Turnitin paraphrasing

There are several tips we can pick up from rewording sites, including:

  1. Reading the whole document

Read the entire report to get an idea of what is in the article. Once you establish the design, it is easier to rewrite it in your own words.

  1. Copy ideas and not words

Rather than taking whole chunks from the original document, lift the purpose to enable you to express it in your words, unique from the original piece.

  1. Use synonyms

They are considered the backbone to rewriting. Rather than change entire phrases, synonyms act as good alternatives for writing new documents.

  1. The dictionary is your best friend

It is essential that as you do your rewriting, you fully employ the dictionary. Since you do not know every synonym in the language, the dictionary is an excellent guide.

  1. Add more if in doubt

In case you feel your article is not different from the original, put in additional information.

  1. Change the entire sentence structure

At times synonyms will not work; in such cases changing the sentence structure will prove useful. A paraphrasing tool like offers multiple modes, all designed to restructure sentences without losing the original context. Although it may sound basic, it is easier to correct an error-free document compared to one that is full of errors.

  1. Separating the content

Identify what you can change and what is too rigid to break; it will ease your work.

  1. Grammar check

As with all pieces, ensure your content is error-free, and you are set to go.

Final take on rewording sentences to avoid plagiarism

It takes time to master rewording articles on your own; be patient and practice often, and you will see the right results.