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Instagram is one of the popular social media networks out there. On Instagram, most of the audience are teenagers and young people. With the increase in the audience on this platform, the number of influencers also increased.

If you are a new or a small Instagram influencer, your goal should be to get the blue tick on your profile. This is only possiblw if you have huge followers, you can easily gain more followers on Instagram by following growth hack techniques.

Advantages of Getting Blue Tick on Instagram

Here are some major advantages:

1. Higher trustworthiness

One of the major advantages of getting a blue tick on Instagram is it provides higher trustworthiness and authority to your profile. People visiting your Instagram profile would have better credibility due to the blue tick.

2. Increased brand awareness

Through the blue tick on your profile, you can also increase your brand awareness. It is believed that Instagram prefers ranking content from verified accounts than normal accounts. Apart from this, it also increases the engagement by showing up your profile at the top of search results and suggested accounts. Digialmighty, a digital marketing agency focus on creating brand authority on social media and forums to get you more traffic from word of mouth.

3. Early access to special features

Another great thing about getting your profile blue tick verified is you get early access to special features. One of those special features is swipe-up stories. Bluetick verified accounts will get the feature of swipe up stories even if they have less than 10,000 followers.

How to Get Blue Tick on Your Instagram?

To apply for your profile verification, you just need to go to “Options” and select “Request Verification”. From there, you can request verification. But, Instagram does not provide a blue tick randomly. Here are some tips for increasing the chances of getting verified:

1. Connect social media

First of all, connect your Instagram to different social media accounts. This can increase the chances of getting a blue tick. Having a high following on other social media accounts can help you get Instagram verified.

2. Engage and respond

Make sure every time your followers comment or DM you, you engage and respond to them. As we know, different social media platforms like Instagram are for engagement, doing that will increase the chances. This will make sure you are active on your profile.

3. Post frequently

Consistently publishing the high-quality content on your Instagram will also increase the chances of getting a blue tick on your profile. Whether you are active and consistently publishing content or not are the two major factors checked during the verification process.

4. Build a better presence on other platforms

Just creating and publishing content on Instagram will not ensure verification. You need to also build a great presence on other social platforms as well. This can be beneficial when you have better following on other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

5. Obtain national press

Obtaining the national press will make sure your brand is legit and authentic. This will work as proof. Without the national press, it states that your brand is not recognizable enough.

Getting a blue tick verified on Instagram can be very beneficial. The process of getting verified is not simple, you need to have presence on other social media platforms, you need to have obtained national press, you must be active, and you must be publishing quality content consistently.