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If you have always been a computer wizard, and the first memory you have from your kindergarten is you playing computer games, there’s no doubt that you dream to become a skilled game developer. And even if this was not the case for you, you still have plenty of reasons to pursue this career. Nowadays, IT is one of the most sought-after careers for recent graduates, maybe because it’s one of the highest paid ones. And you can expect more people to seek this job in the future because the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the number of software engineering jobs will grow 24% to 2026.

Software engineering is the most popular IT job, but this profession exists in numerous industries and it includes various activities. Something you should know before you enroll in a software engineering university, you will spend countless hours to refine your skills and to keep up with the latest trends of an ever-changing industry. Even a little detail can influence your work, so if you’re not passionate about it, IT may not be what you are looking for.

Why is it one of the most in-demand jobs among young people?

Software engineering is a social job

You may be surprised to find it out, but it’s perfectly right to state this. Even if you sit alone in your office, you will work on a team to deliver the final product, you collaborate with the stakeholders to make sure that you are creating the system according to their requests, and you are waiting for people to offer feedback on your work to upgrade it.

Some software engineers even attend conferences, and some of them speak at them, so you if you’ll do it you will definitely socialize with other IT professionals. Socialize at your pace, and keep in mind, IT is an industry that facilitates networking.

It brings economic benefits

IT jobs, depending on your knowledge and skills, come with great economic benefits. You can work for a company or you can be a freelancer. You can work as a remote employee, so you can collaborate with a company from a richer state that can bring you great economic benefits. Depending on the career path you’ll follow, you will be able to choose from different options.

As a freelancer you enter a field where you select the companies you are working for. As you already know, people are willing to spend good money on skills and talent. In your first jobs, you will probably be paid average, but as you acquire experience, your gains will grow.

This job is in high demand

No skilled developer will ever tell you they cannot find a job. Skilled software engineers are in high demand, and your goal should be to become one. As a recently graduated, you may not find a job at a famous company, but you will definitely find numerous open position at local companies that are looking for talented employees.

You can decide what you want to do. You can stay in your hometown and work for a local company, or you can move to the Silicon Valley and start an internship at a famous company. You will soon spend your days with smart people who are working on designing something new.

If you want work in the custom software development industry then you can do it remotely, it’s one of the professions that don’t require you to relocate, you can get the job at a Silicon Valley company and work from home.

What can you do with your programming skills?

As stated before, a well-trained software developer can quickly land a high-paying job in a famous company and create digital experiences few people would be able to cogitate. As a recently graduated, you may have no idea what job is the right one for you. Well, it all depends on your area of specialization, being it mobile engineer, cybersecurity engineer, custom software developer, frontend engineer, and on your talent. Here are some opportunities you may want to pursue:

  • You can create autonomous machines, build commercial machines, medical equipment, or other systems for different businesses
  • You can be a teacher; you can help the new generation of youngsters to follow their passions. Alternatively, you can help the older generations improve their skills and deal with the technical challenges they face at their workplace. You can apply for a job in a developing country where numerous technological opportunities await for someone to discover them.
  • You can write code and create algorithms for authentication services and databases
  • You can develop software that can solve the difficulties the human kind is experiencing, you can create a system that can improve refugee problems or provincial poverty.
  • You can work as a hacker, but you can do it to defend your country’s services and data from villain hackers. Or you can start your own cybersecurity company and create products that protect intellectual property.
  • You can build mobile apps
  • You can design Artificial Intelligence products, services and platforms. You will need to follow a rigorous programming education to be able to do it because you will need more than some basic IT knowledge to excel in this domain.
  • You can work for a company that manages system software and server processes and stores the massive data people don’t see and know about, but that’s more important than many people could imagine.
  • You can create software that can solve medical problems, you can help the mute to talk, the blind to see, and do many other so-called miracles. The divinity of software is sometimes more powerful than a god no one has ever seen. Many miracles are not divine; you can be a good Christian even if you believe this. Many of the calamities and health problems people are facing can be solved through technological miracles.

IT experts have the same opportunities, and you can access them if you have the needed passion, knowledge and expertise.