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The Moissanite gem was discovered by a scientist called Henry Moissan who was studying rocks from a fallen meteorite. It is made up of silicon carbide which occurs naturally and artificially.

Diamond alternatives have not had a good rep due to the poor quality they bring along but the moissanite gem has weathered through. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider moissanite to diamond;

  • Durability

Diamonds have been preferred as the ultimate material for engagement rings, because of their durability. The diamond rings barely chip and can withstand the normal wear and tear that comes with wearing your engagement ring day in day out.

Moissanite rings also have this quality, though they rank a bit low on the hardness scale compared to diamonds. When you buy moissanite, you can be sure that it will last long.

  • Appearance

Compared to diamonds, the moissanite gem is shinier and sparkly as it refracts more light compared to the diamonds. The rainbow flashes emitted by moissanite are preferred by many people hence a valid reason to buy a moissanite diamond engagement ring.

  • Purchase price

Moissanites are cost-friendly compared to diamonds. For their durability quality, moissanite rings bring value for money. This gem is suitable for those couples who want to redirect more monies to the projects related to their wedding ceremonies like the honeymoon or even future purchase of a house.

  • Design options

Choosing the right engagement ring for your partner can seem daunting because it needs to fit perfectly. Moissanite rings come with as many choices as shape, set, and metal. The moissanite gem can be cut into any shape that a diamond is cut. You can choose the placement of your choice to fit your future partner perfectly.

  • Virtues

Diamonds are mined from the earth using heavy machinery whereas moissanites are lab-created gems. As the diamonds are being mined, they end up destroying the beauty of the earth’s surface and polluting the environment. The production of diamonds is unethical making moissanite the preferred gem since they do not affect the environment in their production.

  • Color

Moissanites and diamonds look similar from a distance but in a real sense, they are different in color. In the event you decide to choose moissanite, even with its clear crystal, a yellowish radiance will emanate from it. As for the colorless diamond, it will be a clear crystal with no uniqueness to it. This makes the moissanite superior as it is attractive compared to the diamond gem.

When you think of engagement rings, diamonds are the first gems that come to mind. It doesn’t have to be so since moissanite is a great alternative for diamonds. They are just as durable as diamonds, give you value for your money, and very attractive.

It is important to know your options as you make this life-changing purchase of an engagement ring, and a moissanite is a good option.