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According to a report published by Forbes, as much as 68% of the US workforce expects to be working from home in the future.

Some of the best virtual jobs allow you to work from wherever you wish to, give you the freedom to have a healthy work-life balance, spend more time on yourself, and eliminate the hassle of traveling. 

If you’re looking for the best virtual jobs, this article is for you! Here, we are providing you a guide to finding the best virtual jobs in the market these days, as well as give you a few tips to keep the job and excel at it. So, just keep scrolling and find out!

Places To Find The Best Virtual Jobs

Here are a few platforms where you may find the best virtual jobs in the market. 


Upwork is more of a community for job seekers and employers. The platform allows employers to post a freelance job and choose the best candidate to hire for the task. Projects on Upwork range from on-going and one-off; therefore, if you’re looking for a side-hustle, you can sign up on Upwork, bid for a project, and get hired according to your expertise. Moreover, employers may also approach you with their projects by looking at your profile.

However, there’s a slight catch with Upwork: it charges a nominal fee every time you are paid for a project.


FlexJobs is another great platform to find the best virtual jobs. Here, you may find freelance, part-time, and remote jobs as per your expertise and experience.  It is a safe platform where more than 50 career categories are hand-screened to guarantee legitimacy. FLexJobs aim to provide you a job that you can flexibly handle with your daily routine from anywhere in the world!


Indeed allows you to find jobs near you, as well as remote jobs that will enable you to work from home. You simply need to make a profile and add your credentials in a resume that Indeed gives you the option to create. Moreover, you can upload a customized resume every time you apply for a job at Indeed.

For searching the best virtual jobs at Indeed, simply type ‘remote’ in the location field. is created by the same people who have created FlexJobs. is a platform where employers can hire, manage, and train employees remotely. has a blog, and a Q&A section for employees to find the best virtual jobs.


LinkedIn is another excellent platform for finding the best virtual jobs. It is a platform that allows employers to post job offerings and employees to manage their resumes and apply for jobs. 

You can find virtual jobs on LinkedIn for part-time, full-time, and one-off purposes.

Tips For Keeping And Excelling At The Best Virtual Jobs

Now that you are aware of the places where you can find the best virtual jobs, why not we talk about how to keep your virtual job and excel at it?

For amazing tips to keep and excel at your virtual job, continue reading!

Maintain A Routine And Stick To It

To manage your virtual job, it is essential that you create a routine for yourself and stick to it. Perhaps you’re working for someone in a different time-zone than yours; in that case, you would have to work early in the morning or late at night to accommodate their work hours. For this reason, maintain a schedule where you have ample leisure time before or after your work hours to have the much-needed work-life balance.

Take Breaks

For maximum productivity, breaks between work hours are essential. As per your company-policy, take breaks for rest and lunch. In case you’re self-employed, schedule breaks that work for you to walk away from your laptop screen and get some fresh air or coffee.

Maintain Communication

Proven, which is a job-board, held a survey including 39 companies that provided remote jobs to find out the reason for their success. The study concluded that communication was the single-most-important metric for a successful remote job!

Whether you communicate to your employer on Skype, Email, Slack, or any other communication platform, keep the communication open and transparent. Discuss expectations and job requirements of your employer(s), communicate how much time and effort you are willing to invest in the job, etc. to foster a trustworthy and reliable relationship between you and your employer.

Set Rules For The People Around You

When you’re working from home or working from a remote location, it is crucial that you set a few ground rules for the people in your vicinity for when you’re working. These people may be family members, friends, or other workers who share the workspace. In order to protect your energy and ensure that your work isn’t negatively affected, communicate rules of what you a willing to do for people when you’re working. For instance, this can be helping with household chores during work hours or taking care of pets, etc.

If you let people violate these ground rules and your boundaries, it will be challenging for you to focus on work and give your best at it. Therefore, always maintain rules around your workspace and ensure that you, as well as others, follow them.

Staying Accountable

Staying accountable is another great way to ensure productivity. While you will get deadlines from your employers for work, it is important that you set your own deadlines as well. Set goals for yourself and make sure that you fulfill them at the set time. This will make sure that your work is always on time.


Working virtually is a great way to have a work-life balance. There are various platforms that provide you some of the best virtual jobs in the market today. This article mentioned a few such platforms, as well as providing a guide for keeping these jobs and excelling at them. 

We hope this article helps you in finding the best virtual jobs. Good luck!