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Learning a new language is neither too easy nor too difficult; you need to put more effort and commitment to achieve it. English is a widely spoken language and a medium of instructions in most popular universities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This is why French students must learn English skills. 

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Here are some of the best tips to help French students improve their English language skills.

Read in English 

If you want to improve your vocabulary, then it is essential to read in English. Having a clear concept of what you are going to read allows you to improve grammatically. You can read anything from magazines to short stories and novels and articles. You can choose anything as long as you enjoy reading it. An excellent way to start reading in English is to read books you have already read in French. 

Watch movies in English

Watching movies may not directly improve your debating skills, but it can help you better understand English since you will get used to the colloquial and the conversational forms of the language. In addition to that, you can try and pick out words that sound informal and search for their more scholarly counterpart.

Learn to listen

In English, writing and pronouncing words are different in many cases, and this can confuse you. The moment you have learned to differentiate the sounds matching each letter, the next step is to try an accent that brings you closer to how the natives pronounce the sounds. That’s why it’s essential to learn to listen because you can only pronounce better through listening.

Have conversations in English

While reading and listening can significantly help you improve your English skills, you also need to use English interactively and practice your English-speaking skills. As a French student, you may have a few friends who are native speakers who can help you out. But if you don’t have such friends, you can try and meet up with somebody else who is studying English. You can even talk to yourself in the mirror and record yourself. 

Write down

Although it might be quite intimidating for some people, anyone can write if they are willing to learn. You can try to write down a few words or expressions with their meanings. You can also comment on various English blogs. You don’t need to be an expert when it comes to blogs to write a few words about what you think about the blog’s content.

Practice! Practice!

Even if your English skills are already quite excellent, you have to continue practicing. After all, practice makes perfect. With regular practice, you will be able to sharpen your English skills and speak and write like a native speaker.