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When we are making sure that our office desks are as comfortable as they possibly can be, there are several important elements that we have to take into consideration in order to properly make that decision. First of all, how much available space will we have in our office to make this desk and its chair fit?  

Is the desk adjustable if we choose to lift it up into a position that will allow us to stand up and work at this desk to get some extra body movement going while we are working? What is this desk’s storage capacity? 

Is this desk of ours of a high enough quality so that we won’t be buying another one this time next year? Does this desk offer enough surface space to lay our computer, monitor, and other necessary office supplies on top of it? 

Oddly enough, we generally focus so much on the desk itself that we don’t even think to also get a footrest to use for added support and comfort. Picking the right desk footrest should mean that it will empower you to eliminate chronic pain in your hips, back, and neck, and also the chance to prevent deep vein thrombosis, sciatica, and varicose veins from popping up to the surface of your skin. 

Let’s examine what else this best under desk foot rest will be able to offer you to make this purchase worth your while. 

1. Heat-Responsive Material 

You will enjoy having a memory foam footrest that is responsive to your body heat, which allows the pillow to mold itself into the shape of your feet to provide maximum comfort and alleviate the irritations brought about by pain.

This heat-responsive material is lightweight and resilient, able to help your feet fight back against fatigue and soreness.

But don’t worry about the memory foam that the footrest is made with to create a permanent mold of your feet after one use. It will revert back to its original shape when you stop using it for the day. 

2. Orthopedic and Ergonomic Design 

Having an ergonomic and orthopedic teardrop design enables this pillow to offer stability to your feet during those unavoidably long hours that must be spent at your desk. 

This unique teardrop design puts your feet, ankles, and legs in the correct position to eliminate pain and accommodates the shape of your plantar fascia and your whole foot more effectively than typical footrests that are in half-moon configurations. 

Your feet will also not be hanging over the edges. In addition to these benefits, your ergonomically correct desk footrest can be used under your knees while you are fast asleep to improve your posture and leg fatigue, allowing you to wake up feeling more refreshed.  

These footrests are also portable enough to transport with you when you are going away on vacation and would like to have some foot support during your long flight or train ride. 

3. Washable Cover 

Let’s be completely honest, a footrest is a product that you literally put the bottom of your feet on, and we all know that underneath our feet is not exactly the cleanest location in the world. How can they be if they are constantly landing on and standing on the ground throughout the day to keep us mobile? 

In order to ensure that you don’t’ have to be stuck with a dirty footrest that eventually has to be tossed out for looking disgusting, purchase a desk footrest that comes in a cover that is removable.

Cleaning the footrest cover doesn’t have to be a time-consuming effort that requires you to scrub it by hand. Purchase one that can handle being brought back looking new in a washing machine and can also be relieved of its moisture afterward by putting it in the dryer. 

4. Non-Slip Bottom 

When it comes to an under-desk footrest pillow, the last thing that you want is for it to be slipping and sliding out from under you throughout the day. You are going to need your footrest to stay put.

Your desk footrest needs to be equipped with a non-slip bottom so that it stays securely in its place and your feet aren’t fumbling around trying to find where it has glided over to. 

In addition to using your footrest under your desk footrest while working away on projects, you can also bring it on long trips in a vehicle if you happen to be a passenger or as an airplane carry-on item for your feet during a lengthy flight.