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A controller can be defined as a hardware device or software system that manages the flow of information between two entities. A controller can be an interface or communication  between a device or a system.  Controllers might be cards, microchips, or distinct hardware devices that control peripheral devices. An electronic pressure controllers controls the pressure required in a system by actuating valve position. 

Electronic pressure controller

An electronic pressure controller system consists of a pressure transmitter, a PID controller and a proportional valve. Valve is either upstream or downstream of a pressure sensor depending on your need or desire. The signal gained from the pressure transmitter is then fed to the PID controller. A PID controller is widely used for process control applications such as chemical processing, power generation and manufacturing. The controller usually measures flow rate, pressure level and adjusts input according to set point. Here the PID controller will actuate a proportional valve to reach a set point. To select the right pressure transmitted a PID controller and proportional valve control the parameters like volume of a fluid, fill time, flow. 

Nowadays the mechanical pressure switches are replaced by electronic versions of them. These controller switches offer a variety of additional features like digital display and set the point electronically. 

In a few years the most growing pressure regulator will be the electronic pressure regulator. These electronic pressure regulators come in a variety of forms like for high pressures and lower pressure. These electronic pressure regulators give more flexibility and robustness in their operation typically used for high pressure system control. Electronic pressure controllers are used in control systems to control pressure of a fluid.

Working of Electronic Pressure Regulator

EPR or Electronic pressure regulator works by pushing a valve. A vent valve is used to keep the exit pressure at the desired level. A small internal pressure sensor is installed at the output, and a digital controller is utilized to modify the timing of valves to maintain the set point.The system uses a DC power supply and a set signal point to operate. Analog controllers work with either current or voltages in range 4-20mA or 0-10 or 5 volt DC input. A digital controller can work with serial communication such as RS-232 in addition to analog input. Feedback systems are often used in these control systems to inform pressure sensors. 

There are other features which are critical to note in electronic pressure regulator use. The valves should be used according to the flow rate of a fluid. Also the volume of a gas can affect tuning of valves. Some models of regulator cause buzzing sound if gas volume is less or approximately 1 liter. The electronic servo valves cover more pressure range than previous technology. Most manufactures range from 600 to 1000 psig or 41 to 68.9 bar. Electronic pressure controllers are used to control the pressure of a fluid.  

There is one more electronic regulator available in market 2-loop control which uses external feedback signals. This approach can be used where pressure needs to be maintained from the location of ERP. 

As the trend toward automation continues, electronic pressure control is an acceptable next step. Such electronic pressure control has grown quite frequently.  It can be used to control devices which are far away from the controller. It provides automatic control of production machinery. If the controller is placed at a central location far from the valve’s position,an electronic regulator controller can control the valve hence control the flow of fluid.  

The benefit of using an electronic pressure regulator is we do not have to set the pressure point manually. It can work automatically as it contains an electric motor that adjusts the stem until certain desired pressure is achieved.