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Hill Hunter GPS is a location-based game for hiking fans which helps to discover the world around us. The goal is to get points for visiting and capturing hills, peaks and other real locations. There are several challenges which are evaluated yearly and quarterly. Users can win rewards in the form of trophies. 

It is suited for all hiking skill levels from absolute beginners to experienced climbers. The mobile application will monitor your lifetime hiking progress and you can compare your standings with other users in your country and around the world. 

Free offline maps are available within the Hill Hunter GPS application, so the internet is not needed outside. There are more than 600 000 target locations around the world and it is really catchy and motivating when you start.

The Hill Hunter GPS android version is available on Google Play

iOS version is not available yet.

Check Hill Hunter GPS website to know about all news, trophy awards and new app releases.

or check their Facebook site:

Do not sit at home, GO HIKE!!!!