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Finding accommodation should be the next step after a student finds a place at university or college. Fortunately, the days of damp digs are long gone, and students now have the power to choose where to study and live. Where a college student lives during the first year depends on several factors. The chances are that first-year students will be staying in the university hostels. However, students who are going through clearing or applied late might need to look at other options, but that depends on the availability of the university hostels. College students in Baton Rouge should not panic, though, as these tips can help us find a secure and affordable rental house near our college.

Get in Touch with the University’s Administration

The university accommodation office should be the first point of call to try to find out the availability of any vacant room. But there are a few aspects that can make a college student struggle to find student housing in Baton Rouge. Firstly, it could be because our parents live within a specific radius, which is a typical case with London-based colleges. However, universities are now partnering with private housing agencies to point us in the right direction. As Baton Rouge college students, we can ask to speak to the responsible student housing representatives for further advice and guidance on finding accommodation near our faculties at an affordable cost.

Consider Our Living Preferences

Of course; every student would want to live somewhere close to the campus after missing out on university accommodation. Staying in student apartments in Baton Rouge is the best option unless a student minds a bus ride or walk every day. Another thing that we as Baton Rouge students have to consider is the type of living situation that would be comfortable for us. For example, some of us are concerned about sharing a bathroom and how many people should we live with. Private accommodations can offer shared flats and studios where a college student can live with either 1-2 colleagues or alone. Private halls are the right choice for students who would not want to share a kitchen with others and don’t fancy squashing up in a dormitory.

Consider the Length of the Contract

The length of the accommodation contract can vary across housing providers. For example, private hall providers provide 44-45 weeks, but some can offer even less than 41 weeks. While the latter can be a little costly, it is ideal for us to hang around with friends over the summer and after finishing our exams. Unfortunately, most universities won’t allow us to stay in hostels beyond our first year, but private accommodations can host us for as long as we want.

Apply for a Student Loan that can cover the Rent

Student rent depends on where we are studying and the type of accommodation we choose. Major cities, unsurprisingly, are the most expensive places to live, followed by their suburbs. Students can research online to find out the most expensive and cheapest areas for them to live in Baton Rouge, but the rates keep changing yearly.

Find a Roommate

We may feel comfortable to wait until we arrive at our new digs to know who we will be living with. However, some of us prefer knowing our roommates earlier so that we can be sure that we shall be living with colleagues with shared interests. We use tools such as, college accommodation forums and Facebook groups to meet and interact with other like-minded students and ask them if we can share a room. Some institutions allow us access to an intranet where we can meet and mingle with other students with similar interests. Finding a roommate with a shared interest can get us at ease when we relocate to our new accommodation and enable us to settle down as quickly as possible.

Check What Benefits are Included in the Rent

Check whether the housing provider has included any extras in the rent when summing up the costs. Some accommodations include benefits such as onsite laundry room, content insurance, access to a gym, and high-speed internet to their rent. Double beds and camera surveillance are often a pull for college students in Baton Rouge.

There is a lot to plan once a student has known which college to join. Accommodation is one thing that every student has to account for after securing a place in a prestigious university or college. However, finding student accommodation can sometimes prove daunting for a student that has to undergo the clearing process and has less time. But it doesn’t have to stress us every start of a semester. With these tips, finding student accommodation near a college should not be a concern; instead, it should be a smooth and less costly.