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The shift from high school to higher learning institutions can be a tough one. Both the academic and social life of the student is remarkably different in college from high school. In college students starts a new life with the absence of their parents and whereby no one is there to make them do their assignments or homework. In high school, students are likely to get assignment help from their teachers when they are found to be struggling with their homework whereas in college help on assignments is only available when the students initiate the conversation with their professors when they need help. High school homework can be finished in school even before the start of a class and the students can still get desirables marks. This is however not possible in college since the students are expected to spend much on their assignments outside their lecture halls.

Average time for homework in college vs. high school

1. Less class time

In high school, most of the daytime is spent in classes. Many high schools provide study halls where students can do their studies and finish their assignments in that time. High school teachers may as well offer the students’ time to read or do their homework during classes. In college however, students have an average of approximately three hours of lecture time in a day.  Students in colleges are expected to finish their homework before attending lectures. Utilizing all the unstructured time in a productive manner will be the way forward for college success.

2. More time of study

More work is taught in every college class than in high school. The information in the college context is also difficult and complicated to comprehend compared to that of high school. Students in college may thus spend less time in class than in high school but more time is needed by the     for homework. This is due to the higher workload in terms of assignments given by lecturers in colleges compared to the students in high school. Skimming among college students while working on their homework due to poor time management might result in lack of understanding the context or failure to recall significant information that will be tested and this may result to poor grades.

3. Tests that are challenging

In college, there are less frequent tests as it is in high school and some professors will mostly give a single major exam which might cover material worth several months. The tests given by the college professor may include work from assigned homework and other assigned reading not discuss during class time. This implies that the study, review and reading time are very important since not passing just a single test will affect the entire grade in the student’s course negatively.

4. Different homework attitude

High school teachers will most likely check their student’s homework. However, in college, students will not be followed or supervised by their teachers to make sure that they are doing their homework or reading as well as learning from the assigned material. It is thus upon the students to work hard in order to achieve the success needed. This therefore requires college students more time for their homework than for the high school students.