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Opting for online classes in college can be exciting if you know the right things to watch out for before you begin. Most people end up not finishing their online classes because they haven’t learned how to navigate through the many challenges that are associated with taking online courses.  

Most of these challenges make taking online courses very uninteresting and prevents students from getting the best from this kind of setup. However, these challenges can be greatly reduced if you consider staying in your college town while taking up these courses.  

Here are some good reasons why you should choose to stay in your college town even if you’re taking online classes:

1. It’s Exciting 

Understandably, gaining admission for most students is a major milestone that can get them excited and motivated all throughout the academic year.  

However, when the whole admission process is online, the excitement may not be enough to sustain your academic morale for the entire year. The apparent solution to this problem is to plan to move to the town where your college is.  

You can visit Sunrise Village to check out accommodations in your college town. One of the benefits of staying in your college town is that being so near your school increases the excitement you have when taking your classes online. Also, being in the same environment as your college has a way of making you more conscious of your studies.  

2. Accessibility To Your College As Well As Information 

Another major reason why you should consider moving into the college town where you’re taking your online courses is the access it gives you to your college. Being near your college and being able to go to the premises for enquires and familiarization helps you have a better scope of what your college is all about.  

It provides easy access to information and activities taking place in the campus, which would have been impossible if you were not in the same location. This will also give you access to first-hand information about the things that directly affect you as a student. This may not be possible if you’re not in your college town. 

3. Comfortability 

The major enemy of success in most endeavors is getting too comfortable. This is why most people often try to create a balance between constructive comfort and destructive comfort.  

The reason why most people go for online courses is because of the comfort it provides. Taking online courses means that your lectures will be digital and could be accessed at your convenience.  

You don’t have to worry about waking up early to keep up with the schedule of your lecturer. You also don’t have to worry about the extracurricular activities that often bog students down and prevent them from having as much fun as they please.  

In other words, taking your courses online affords you the luxury of too much comfort that can become destructive to your college experience if you don’t learn how to manage it well. This is where moving to your college town may help.  

When you stay around your college, and you see the routines regular students go through, this will encourage you to buckle up and turn your destructive comfort into a constructive one. Living in your college town would allow you to know what’s going on in your college and will keep you on your toes. This will make you more conscious of the effort that you need to exert to pass all your courses. 

4. Experience Student Relations And A Better Social Life 

Another experience that’s mostly missing with taking online courses are the interrelationships built among students. The advantage of developing relationships with other regular students are too numerous to be ignored. Most people have been able to leverage these connections they built to advance their careers and foster sustainable relationships that can last a lifetime. 

This is because college provides a platform to meet diverse people from various backgrounds and connections, especially if you’re staying in an area with student accommodations. These connections can become long-lasting when you build a relationship with them.  

However, when you’re taking courses online, you’ll discover that you don’t have full access to other students and, as such, there’s a limit to the number and type of relationships you can build that can have future benefits.  

This is why you should consider moving and living in a town where your college is. When you do so, you have access to other students like yourself who came to town for the same purpose as you did. You can then connect with them and build a great circle.  

If you want a thriving social life while in college, then it’s advisable to stay in your college town even if you’re an online student. The college town always presents a youthful exuberance that encourages an active social life. You’re also likely to meet new people every day and try new experiences compared to when you’re in another town. 

Besides, there’s always plenty to do after dark in college towns, ranging from fashion shows, parties, concerts, and movie nights, among others. You’ll most likely not be bored during the day as well. You can explore the town’s remarkable sites, check out the campus, or visit the student restaurants in the area to sample the cuisine.  

5. You Can Avoid Distractions 

Distractions are a major hindrance to success. Most students struggle with a lot of things that make it difficult for them to concentrate. The average student is always seeking a better way to improve their concentration so that they can have better academic performance.  

The basic challenge that comes with studying online is that you may find it difficult to avoid distractions that could hinder you from focusing on your studies. One of the ways to increase your focus is to find a way to make your study period interesting.  

Creating interesting study time often requires certain emotional stimulants that may not be available if you’re not in your college town. This is why you should consider moving to that same location.  

Staying in the same place as that of your college, even though you’re studying online, has a way of exposing you to the emotional stimulant that you need to focus on your studies.  

Another major problem associated with the loss of focus when taking courses online is the issue of multitasking that eventually makes it almost impossible to have time for the online courses itself.  

So, when you change your location to that of your college town, you can prioritize your tasks to give you the best grades possible. This will, in turn, increase your productivity, unlike if you’re outside your college town. You can also look at study tips for college students if you want to learn more about effective study habits.  

6. Get Employment Opportunities Via Building Connections 

One of the major worries most college students have, either online or regular, is how to have enough money to pay for tuition while meeting other needs that aren’t necessarily college-related.  

The good news is that some working opportunities are specifically tailor-made for students like yourself. These opportunities will fit into your schedules and timetables.  

You’ll also be able to make use of the knowledge you acquired and still get paid for your services. These jobs could be as uncomplicated as tutoring in your chosen course, engaging in a work-study program, or doing an internship with your dream company.   

The payments from these jobs can go a long way in assisting most college students in meeting with their basic needs all through their college years. Working also is a way to meet professionals in the chosen field and to build some connections that can help boost your future career.  

In fact, some colleges make their timetable match with jobs that are created for students, so that students wouldn’t have to worry about jobs affecting their studies. 

Another major advantage of such working experience is that it allows for a period of mentorship for students in line with their academic goals, which might them secure a great job and career in the future. 

Now, if you’re staying in a different location from that of your college town because you’re taking online courses, you most likely won’t have access to these kinds of jobs that will allow you to have a great working experience that align with your career goals.  

This has been a major complaint of students taking online courses. It is, therefore, advisable that you consider changing your location to your college town to fully maximize the opportunities in your school.  

This will give you easy access to college jobs that will provide you with the needed money to sustain yourself during your period of being a student while also giving you the experience that you need to achieve your career goals. 


A student enrolled in an online college course might not get to enjoy all the advantages a brick-and-mortar student enjoys by staying in the school environment. This is why you should consider relocating to your college town. This will give you diverse opportunities, such as access to information and physical school activities, the chance to build thriving relationships, access to school facilities, and so much more. 

Aside from this, staying around your college gives you potential access to jobs that will increase your revenue and give you the needed experience to further your career.