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We want to share our top writing tips to help young authors across the country develop their creative writing skills.

Here at Young Writers USA we love enthusiasm about books, poetry, English, and writing in general! Our passion is to spread a love and enjoyment of creative writing and poetry in writers under 18. To do this, we share useful tips, resources, and run contests for young writers to help get their work published. We want to share some of our favorite tips to help you take your writing to the next level.

  1. Practice, practice, practice: Although this is not the quick tip that everyone wants to hear, practice is absolutely the best way to develop your skills and hone those talents in writing. The more you write, the more you learn, the more you improve, the better you’ll get!
  2. Reading: One of the most effective ways to develop your writing is to… READ! Exploring new worlds, traveling to new planets, and meeting exotic creatures are all great parts of reading, but you’ll also develop useful writing techniques through reading.
  3. Exploration: Writing is a great way to take your mind to new places, a pen and paper know no bounds. Explore new ideas, concepts, and get creative with your writing! Try writing from the perspective of another person. How about writing a story in the future, or even on another planet. Get exploring!
  4. Know your basics: Sometimes the boring part of English, but knowing your basics truly will get you far. Understanding grammar, knowing your tenses, and using the most accurate words will make your writing sound far more professional.
  5. Passion: Love what you do! The more you love writing, the better it will be. When you write from the heart, the content will always be better. Don’t force yourself to write, get in the right space, and let your love flow naturally.

There we have it! Whether you’re just starting out or are a published author, these tips will help you grow as a writer and reach even further heights!

If you head to you can find more writing tips, get free resources, and enter our writing contents where you may see YOUR work published in an official book. Happy writing!