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Father’s Day Jokes & Father’s Day Quotes

Top Joke Pages: 


  1. @dadcamp (6.5K followers) Dad to @Zacharie and @CharlieChooch. Passionate about fatherhood and parenting, terrible at camping. AKA @buzzbishop Calgary


  1. @DadSpotlight (27.6 followers) A great #podcast to meet great #dads , #brands , #products & more and help you be the best #dad you can be!

California Dads

  1. @mrdad (53.5K followers) Nobody Knows Dads Like Mr. Dad.#Father, blogger, author, columnist, radio host, #Marine, spokesperson, #dad guru–& still learning from my kids every day. California ·

Florida Dads

  1. @DadBlogsAbout (17.5K followers) Life, family, entertainment, cars, travel, tech & more. #LatinoBlogger #MiamiBlogger #FloridaBlogger #DadBlogsAbout Miami, Florida

Michigan Dads

  1. @dadofdivas (61.5K followers) One Dad’s Quest to Regain Control of His Kingdom.Writer of #dadsinthelimelight  #podcast &nice #guy / #dad Michigan

Oklahoma Dads

  1. @Dadblunders (3.5 K followers) I am a stay-at-home dad that tries to survive the antics of his son. I do the best I can living in Xander’s World! Facebook Lawton,

Texas Dads

  1. @adaddyblog (25.7K followers) Dallas Fort Worth Dad. Lucky hubby to @MilkandCuddles. Director University Analytics. Lifestyle blogger. Passionate about family travel.#DisneySMMC Austin 2015. Dallas, Texas, USA ·
  2. @twindadjoe (4.6K followers) Dad: 2 boys & twin girls. Author: Dad’s Guide to Twins & Dad’s Guide to Raising Twins. Maker of awesome twin t-shirts: Austin, TX

Utah Dads

  1. @BruceSallan (58.3,K followers) Dad, writer, radio host, founder of #DadChat (Thursdays 6-7pm, PT). My books are on Amazon, iTunes, my website. FB Page: .Park City, UT Dad of the Month!