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Pi Day Twitter Accounts

  1. Exploratorium @exploratorium (101K followers) The Exploratorium is a playful learning laboratory of interactive exhibits and experiences that ignite curiosity and transform the way people learn. Pier 15 San Francisco, CA
  2. PiDay @dayofpi (9.2K followers) 19 y/o Digital Artist!! Working on commissions! Slots closed. Icon is by @eemapso
  3. Pi Day 5K @PiDay5K (1.6K followers) The #PiDay5K is back!! With more running, geekery, and epic pi portions. A virtual 5K/10K hosted by @FitFam_com, benefitting #STEM #education for girls.
  4. @PiDayPrinceton (.4K followers) Einstein was born on March 14th … 3.14 … the numeric equivalent of Pi. Princeton, New Jersey celebrates the incredible coincidence with all kinds of fun! Princeton, New Jersey
  5. @PiDayCalgary (.25K followers) Epic year for all things Pi: 3.14.15. We can only imagine the awesome Pi Day of 3.14.1592. Calgary, Alberta