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More Tennis Jokes…

  1. Why should you never marry a tennis player?… To them, “Love” means nothing. (Valentine’s Day Jokes & Wedding Jokes)
  2. Two racquets started dating. Unfortunately, one was stringing the other along without any intention of tying the knot. (Valentine’s Day Jokes & Wedding Jokes)
  3. Why was the tennis club’s website down? They had problems with their server.
  4. What did the tennis player say before playing with vanilla ice cream?… “I’d like a soft serve, please!” (Ice Cream Jokes)
  5. Which tennis tournament never closes?… The U.S. OPEN.
  6. My wife said to me, “I can think of 14 others reasons to leave you, besides your obsession with tennis!”… I replied, “That’s 15 love!”
  7. My local sports store is having a tennis ball sale. First come, first served.
  8. I telephoned the tennis star Serena Williams for an interview and asked her, “What’s your favourite planet?” She said, “It’s Venus.” I said, “Sorry Venus, would you put Serena on the phone?”
  9. Which state has the most tennis players?… Tennis-ee.
  10. My tennis double’s partner is a waiter from my local restaurant. You should see him serve.