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Human Resources managers find themselves under tremendous pressure whenever there’s a vacant position to be filled in the organization. There are, indeed, many reasons that can justify the rush to hire someone, but, unfortunately, nobody takes the time to analyze the risks of a hasty decision.

Need for speed

When a job applicant comes in for an interview he is often given the impression that the hiring process is a tough one and unless he proves himself to be the best he probably won’t get the job. However, in many cases, it’s just an act, a very good performance put on by the recruiting personnel desperately trying to hide the fact that they need to hire someone and they need to hire them fast. 

A surprising report by CareerBuilder reveals the practice of trading quality for speed is widespread. Some 43% of the employers surveyed admitted they won’t bother much with properly vetting a prospective employee when they need to fill a vacant position. 

The price of a bad hire

Often enough companies justify their hasty hiring decisions by arguing that not having someone for a certain position means an increased workload for other people in that department, or simply that the job isn’t being done. Not surprisingly, once you hire someone who doesn’t have the required skills or someone with a shady past the employers find themselves in the same situation. The new employee isn’t up to the task and, often enough, other people in the organization have to work harder. That’s very bad for morale and will often result in decreased productivity. The worst affected will be the high performers in the organization and the company risks losing them. 

The cost of skipping background checks

Hiring someone without the required skills is bad enough, but that can be repaired. With proper guidance, an earnest employee can learn the ropes and adapt to the new work environment. 

What about dishonest people? A guy with a history of fraud, embezzlement or simple theft can cause huge damage to any business, big or small. They will thank their lucky stars HR managers were hard-pressed to hire someone, anyone and decided to skip basic background checks. 

This is unfortunate, as it is an easily preventable mistake. There are some in the HR field who simply ignore how easy it is to do a police check on someone these days by using the services of an accredited online body, like Australian National Character Check. The results come back in 2-3 business days, which is as fast as it can get. If you cannot wait for two days you might as well open the doors and invite people off the street to take up any position they want in the company. The benefits of doing a proper background check are immense as you’ll soon know if the prospective employee has a criminal record and if he is trustworthy. 

Making an informed decision and only hiring someone with the right credentials will save the company a lot of trouble and some money down the line. After all, you won’t have to go through a costly hiring process in the near future just to replace the employee who turned out to be a bad choice.