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Writing Advice for College Students
Students who are not doing well in school may benefit from extra help. Sometimes, all it takes to bring a failing student to passing is having someone explain material a little differently or take some time to work one-on-one to ensure the student grasps basic concepts. Unfortunately, today’s teachers have little class time to devote to one-on-one work; class sizes are growing and discipline, mandated testing and other issues take up much of a teacher’s valuable in-class time. How can students get the one-on-one attention they need if teachers are too busy to teach them? The answer may be in-school tutoring.
Many public and private schools offer in-school tutoring to help struggling students. In fact, public schools may be required to provide this service as part of the entire movement toward school improvement. However, unless parents are aware of the opportunities available for students to receive extra help, the chances are the students will not be able to take advantage of them. Here are some facts about in-school tutoring that you can use to discuss opportunities with your child’s teachers or administrators.
Start with the Classroom Teacher
Most teachers are happy to work with students before or after school, and sometimes a few private tutoring sessions will bring your child up to speed. Talk to your child’s teacher and keep the lines of communication open. Once your child reaches middle or high school, many teachers band together to provide tutoring before or after school every day of the week, with a different teacher taking a turn each day. This may help your student by exposing him or her to a different teacher who explains things in a different way.
In-school Tutoring Should be Free
If a school receives a grant for in-school or after-school programs, most require that the students not be charged for the service. This means that if your child’s school offers any tutoring classes, it should not cost money for your child to take advantage of these programs. You may, however, be required to provide transportation if your child is required to stay after or come early to school. However, some programs also include funds for buses, so talk to your school about the particular tutoring opportunities available.
If Your Child Qualifies for Special Education, You Have Certain Rights
Many parents do not realize that the school is required by law to help children succeed. If this means that the child needs special help, the school is required to provide it. If you believe your child may need special help, talk to a teacher you trust and begin the process of having your student tested. If he or she qualifies, the school may be required to provide a tutor for certain subjects.
Don’t Forget about Civic Organizations that Partner with Your Child’s School.
After-school study programs are often sponsored by civic groups that also provide recreation activities and child care. You may want to investigate programs sponsored by Boys and Girls Clubs or other organizations in your area.
The most important thing to remember as you consider tutoring options for your child is that your student’s school and teachers are there to help. Keep communication with them open and stay abreast of your child’s grades, behavior, and progress. If your child knows that you are interested, he or she is much more likely to work hard!
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