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There is a prevalent belief that you can’t earn good money by being an artist! However, that could have been a tad bit true during the time of Johannes Vermeer and Vincent Van Gogh. However, this belief certainly doesn’t hold true in today’s advanced digital age, especially when you can create a follower base for your art online. 

That means, if you are creative and want to pursue art, you can go ahead with your plans! You can convert your talent to a profitable occupation that will get you both money and fame. And if you are wondering about how to sell art online and make money, the following steps will help you. 

  1. Sell your art on Instagram

Today, Instagram ranks as a leading social media platform for art lovers and artists. It’s good news for all the budding artists as they no longer need to go up the social ladder and wait endlessly for the popular critics to make the core decisions. Instead, they have the scope to get connected with buyers directly worldwide who wants to purchase their work. However, there’s something you need to keep in mind! 

Everything on Instagram is all about the number of engaged followers that you have! If your account is popular, the chances are that your artwork will have a high demand. Therefore, if you can attract more followers, you can get started with simple tips as you sell your art on Instagram. 

  • Share high-end images
  • When you are taking a photograph of your artwork, select natural light, and a clean background
  • Generate creative captions which narrate a story
  • Keep to the brand or unified style and select a particular language, filter, or hashtag representing your art form.
  • Make use of relevant hashtags
  • Share your posts consistently
  • Write a catchy bio
  1. Apply for competitions and grants

Several local communities, international programs, and non-profit organizations provide grants for ace and amateur artists. Their main objective is to show support to artists, address a specific problem and promote culture. Other local institutions require art pieces for decorating new buildings and add a creative touch to an event. 

The question is, how can you apply to these programs? You can search online for artist contests and grants for artists. If you want to narrow down your search, you can choose your city or state. You will come across many programs or contests you qualify for and win money or any other prizes. It will provide you with the scope to showcase your work. Additionally, make it a point to follow the social media news and keep connected with artistic circles so that you can get more visibility for your artwork. 

  1. You can earn a passive income through wall art selling

Graphic artists, painters, designers, sculptors, and illustrators can earn cash by selling high-end copies or prints of artwork. Do you want to convert your art to a high-end poster? If yes, you have two ways for it:

  • Make use of Adobe Illustrator or any other graphic design program for creating posters with a print format
  • You can digitize the artwork using scanning or professional photography

A few ideas on the way to sell wall art:

  • Make use of print-on-demand portals that can print and ship your posters
  • Provide the art to social media fans or create an online shop on social media
  • Go ahead and sell images from the portfolio website
  • You can create a shop on popular portals 
  1. Sell other merchandise along with your art

The simplest way to print your artwork on tangible products is to resort to drop shipping or print-on-demand service. It will cover the packaging, printing, shipping, and branding of the customers’ custom products. A few merchandises that you can sell along with the art are:

  • Mugs, phone cases, and various gifts and souvenirs
  • Party decorations and wedding invitations
  • Towels, pillowcases, and various home décor
  • Greeting cards for multiple occasions
  • Kids clothes, hoodies, and T-shirts
  • Planners, journals, and diaries
  1. Write an art blog

Most artists are keen on visuals than words. It’s because of the online guides and courses today that any person can try out writing. Also, your blog has a chance to get richer with images instead of words. For instance, if you plan to educate your readers about a special painting process, the texts need to support the chosen visuals and demonstrate the actions. Here are a few ideas that you can use for your art blog:

  • Tutorials suggesting ways to attain the best outcome in mastering an art technique
  • Opinion articles on new art movements and trends
  • Reviews on art supplies
  • Guidelines on being a freelance illustrator
  • Sharing local artist interviews
  • Generating videos to show how to paint and share guidelines about it
  • Provide reports on new galleries and exhibitions

These are some of the few tried and tested techniques that will help budding and expert artists to sell their artwork online and make money in 2021.