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Did you know that college scholarship winning does not end when a student graduates from high school?
When you search for college scholarships, the first thing to look for is the level of the student who may apply for the scholarship. Most parents and students assume that scholarships are geared towards high school students only.  They could not be more wrong!
As a student progresses through his or her college experience, more scholarships are available depending on college major, level of community service, and grade point average.  Pick up any scholarship listing book and you will see scholarships offered by thousands of organizations and companies who ONLY allow students who are in college to apply.  Scholarships for college students are also found on the website of the college the student is attending, often times under the link, “Scholarships for Current Students.”
What does this mean for college students and their parents?
Scholarship searching and applying does not end until the student has graduated from COLLEGE.  Each year they can apply for scholarships and increase their own financial aid.  My son is a senior in college and has applied for scholarships each year, starting from his senior year in high school until now.  The result?  He has won over $100,000 in college scholarships!   The money is out there and parents can play an important role in helping their students find it.  College scholarships are an amazing way to help students get through college without incurring a huge amount of debt.  Who doesn’t want free money?
Monica Matthews is the author of “How to Win College Scholarships,” guides for both parents and students.  She is the Scholarship Expert at College Expert Panel and is passionate about helping parents help their students find and win college scholarships.  Mrs. Matthews developed a unique method of applying for college scholarships that gives students the edge they need to win money for college.  You can learn more about this method at