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Starting college is a big change for anyone, especially for those who choose to study in a different state or country. The environment changes abruptly, but also the teaching environment. So, it is likely that these changes will feel like a challenge, especially because you were used to something else. 

However, these learning challenges can easily be overcome. Getting an education and studying might not be something easy, but a time that asks for your time, effort, and attention. So, how to overcome the obstacles you will meet in college? Here are a few ways you can make your college life easier and more productive. 

Managing Time 

We all know that student life is pretty hectic. There is the academic progress you need to take care of, but also your social life. You will meet new people you will spend a lot of time with. There will be parties or evenings with friends and colleagues. But also essays to write and exams to learn for. 

So, managing your time appropriately can help you with all of these without feeling the pressure of time. Many students start working on their tasks when it’s too late and they end up delivering poorly written papers. Or they start solving their integral application problems without getting help or guidance from experienced professionals. It is therefore important to learn how to manage your college time. Make sure you make a schedule and avoid distractions, as they prevent you from focusing on your tasks and achieving maximum proficiency. 


Bullying is so present in our societies, but in schools and colleges too. It is something that happens and affects the mental health of those bullied, so it prevents them from achieving academic progress. It is an obstacle you may meet in college and it is important to know how to react and handle it. 

The most important thing is to not keep this only for yourself and cover the bully but to let others know. You can talk with a guidance counselor, your parents, colleagues, or anyone who can help you solve this issue. Being a victim of bullying is not pleasant and it can turn out to be a major learning challenge to overcome. 

Adopt a Positive Mindset 

Society and family might not teach you that mistakes and errors are normal. Or that everyone has bad days when nothing seems to work. Or that even the brightest students get not-so-good grades from time to time. Adopting a positive mindset is essential and it will help you overcome these diverse moments. It will also help you face challenges that will come your way. 

But most importantly, it will help you focus on the things that really matter. As often students choose to pay attention to things that will not make the difference. Everyone experiences hardships in their lives, but your attitude and perspective on them is the one that can make the difference. 


No matter how much you prepare, some assignments will be more challenging than others. Working on them will take a great effort and time, so you might feel tired after that. When you achieve something in your college life, it is important to reward yourself. It can be a task you have worked on for the last months, such as your term paper, or it can be an essay you have written in the last few days. 

Each of the tasks you accomplish takes time and effort, so rewards will keep you motivated and persevering. They will make you feel better and not burned out or stressed. Celebrating even the small wins is one of the ways to overcome major learning challenges in college. 


As mentioned above, distractions are the main cause students fall behind their deadlines. And when this happens, you will get more stressed and pressed by the lack of time you have left. Moreover, even the easiest tasks will seem more demanding than they are. 

So, it is essential to keep distractions away. This will help you focus better and accomplish tasks faster. Put your phone on silent and away from you. Ask your colleagues to not disturb you when you’re learning. Arrange a dedicated working space; if this is not possible, studying in the library could be a solution. 

Final Thoughts 

College life is beautiful and full of amazing moments and people. But at the same time, it is full of challenges too. And students should not run away from them, but learn how to overcome these major learning challenges that appear in college. These challenges are the ones that urge you to develop your skills and improve them constantly. Staying in your comfort zone will not teach you something new, but facing these challenges is what will hone your skills and knowledge. 

Bio lines: Robert Everett is a content writer. He is writing on topics such as motivation, productivity, and soft skills. Robert loves taking evening walks with his two dogs.