We are looking at how the worst twitter account in the world can develop into one of the most respectable accounts. We will be posting our progress from that first day.
1st Day: June 4, 2013  – 0 tweets, 0 following, 0 followers, 5/100 Tweetgrade
Week #1: June 11, 2013  – 0 tweets, 0 following, 3 followers, 10/100 Tweetgrade
Week #2: June 18, 2013  – 0 tweets, 0 following, 9 followers, 10/100 Tweetgrade (tweetgrade does not currently list ranking, hopefully it is coming back soon)

Tasks completed:

  1. No profile description – They did create a profile, but it seems a little weird. 3 Twitter Tips to Double Your Tweetgrade Score, but boy the profile is still bad.
  2. No followers – They have an impressive following of 3. Not too impressive.
  3. Improve Tweetgrade:to double a tweet score is very impressive. Can the score double again next week?
  4. Location: Nice work. We know how difficult it is to add your location.
  5. Blog: Nice work. We know how difficult it is to add your location. We hear it is pretty good.
  6. Add a website to the profile: Well you have one, why wouldn’t you promote it?
  7. Add an image – They still have not updated this. LAZY.

To Do List:

  1. Tweet – Still not a word!
  2. Improve Tweetgrade – keep looking to improve the score
  3. Follow Someone – Come on it is twitter.

Notable follower: @NEAMedia This is such a legitimate account. Very impressive!
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